Monday, 1 December 2014

Welcome December!- Day #1

Happy 1st December! And welcome to my the first day of my Christmas blogging thing (I really should give this a name, shouldn't I?!). I'm going to start with a list- because who doesn't enjoy a good list? The title of this list is pretty self explanatory, Top 10 Christmas Songs..
Today, Radio 1 'officially started Christmas' which means I can now, not just listen to secretly, but publicly play and sing along to Christmas songs *cheers*. So what better way to kick off December than with me sharing with you the songs I'll be singing along to more than others these next few months 
(I'm also going to pop this list in my playlists so if you want to revisit it later in the month but don't want to be scrolling endlessly through the 24 other posts I plan on writing, you can find it easily here)

So, let's crack on shall we?

10.Christmas Lights off've Coldplay, does this make me boring? I just think it's a super cute song which is perfect background music for festive activities.

9. Do They Know It's Christmas? is at number 9- to be honest, I much prefer the original to the new one but obviously it is still raising money for such an amazing cause so if you haven't already, go buy the Band Aid 30 version. It's not even £1 and you could not only save one persons life, but an entire nations and that would be awesome! 

8. Happy Xmas (War is Over)- I'm pretty certain my sister and I sing this song together in the back of the car more times than is necessary every year but it's now a tradition and I could not break a tradition now

7. I feel 7 is the right place for Merry Christmas Everybody? Throughout my childhood, this was one of the very first songs on the Christmas CD (CD, WHOOOO?!) we had-of course it was, it's awesome!- and we played this CD whilst decorating the tree so all my memories of decorating our Christmas tree have this song playing in the background and I love it!

6. Wonderful Christmastime probably isn't a massively obvious choice but I love it nonetheless and it fills me with festive joy and happiness.

5. Obviously All I Want for Christmas is you has to be in here? Who doesn't love belting it out round the table during Christmas lunch?!

4. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday- it's just an absolutely classic Christmas song and I don't feel any words can justify just how much this song lifts my Christmas spirit from 75%-a strong 95%

3. Does A Perfect Christmas Single count?! For the purposes of this list, yes it does! Many of you won't have a clue what I'm on about so I'll just leave this link here, and then come back once you've educated yourselves ^.^

2. Baby, It's Cold Outside- I think this is such an underrated Christmas song and everyone should just grab a significant other and sing duets of this song all winter long because then the world would be a much more magical, romantic place! There is also an awesome cover of this by the gorgeous Tom Law and even more gorgeous Carrie Hope Fletcher which I shall link to here 

1. Of course, it is Fairytale of New York. This song just makes me feel so happy and so comforted and so super Christmas-y, I just want to eat gingerbread in front of a fire all evening long!

Thanks very much for reading! Check back tomorrow when I'll either be discussing Christmas traditions, doing a Christmas fashiony thing (but not too fashiony because I don't want to be too similar to everyone else) or just something else I fancy having a chat about ^.^

I have a good few exciting things to write about during December- there's a few collabs, some 'follow me round for the day' type posts and other Christmas favourite etc
Speaking of collabs, if you're a fellow blog person who fancies doing a Christmasy post together, do drop me an email because that'd be awesome!

For now, I hope you're having wonderful Decembers! Speak to you tomorrow,
Cheerio! Xxx

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