Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Recommendations- Day #22

I'll admit- I'm really running low and scraping the barrel here. It's 22nd December so all day's are taken up with shopping, wrapping, cooking, organizing etc. and I have family and friend things to do in the evening (I know, actual socializing happening..) so I've not entirely planned this post. To be honest, the words are being written quicker than I can think about them so, if I sound mad, that is why..
There are a few things that I feel my 16 Christmas experiences have taught me and I feel some of these could help you..

Don't expect any attention if there are any children younger than you in the room. I have a little sister so all attention was quickly taken from me at a young age. Now I have two little cousins who I spend Christmas day with and it's very hard to focus on anything but them. As annoying as they can be, they are absolutely adorable at Christmas time and I don't mind passing on my Christmas attention to them.

Ribbon fixes everything. There isn't a piece of shoddy wrapping which can't be fixed with a crap load of ribbon and a few bows. If there are rips in your paper, wonky tape or just a lack of creativity, shove a couple of ribbons round the gift and it immediately looks excellent. Surely it looks better to have made effort and it go wrong as opposed to not made any effort at all? Right?

Pre-Christmas sales are sometimes better than after-Christmas sales. Admittedly not always, but sometimes you can get some super great sales before Christmas and quite often, the shops are a little quieter than on Boxing Day. An example of this is the other day, I bought a lovely fur coat which already had 50% off due to seasonal sales, plus if we opened up a New Look card, we could get another 25% off the reduced. This overall meant that a £50 and a bit coat, was only £20!

I think that's all for today.. it's late, I still feel a tiny bit poorly and I'm up at 6:30am so should probably get a move on and get into bed ^.^

Thanks so much for reading, not long till Christmas now <3

Cheerio! Xxx

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