Thursday, 11 December 2014

Festive Spirit- Day #11

It's a slightly embarrassingly short post today so I'm really sorry if you're disappointed- I hope if you knew the evening I'd had, you'd understand. I do have a lovely one planned for tomorrow though so please just be a little patient with me and it'll be very much appreciated.
Tomorrow shall be a very exciting day because it's my lovely mum's birthday and I shall also be wearing my new musical Christmas jumper which singles 'Jingle Bells' when you press the snowman's head ^.^ Many people still frown down on me for getting so much into the festive spirit whilst it's still early/mid-December but Christmas happens once a year right? Not only is it the perfect excuse to eat a load of crap, everyone has a mutual understanding that it's Christmas so we have to be nice to one another- a policy I wish we adopted throughout the rest of the year..

Again, I'm very sorry this was rather short- it's been a very tough evening and I'm so tired writing this, I'm not actually sure it makes any sense. It's reached the point where I've left my contact lenses in just so that I know I won't fall asleep

Please check back tomorrow for a lovely, sweet, adorable, (/super cheesy) post <3

Cheerio! Xxx

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