Thursday, 4 December 2014

Just a Quick Hello- Day #4

I feel yesterday was a lil too lengthy so today I'll stick to just a short paragraph. I suppose this will just be a little update about what other posts you should expect to see throughout blogmas so you know whether you want to come back or not ^.^
I would quite like to do a few more 'Top 10's. I've already done a music one and I'd love to do a film one and maybe a food or a memories one? I love a good list and I also love Christmas so the thought of a Christmas list makes me extremely happy and I hope you enjoy those posts to because I'd hate it if you didn't.

I also have a few collabs which may be happening. I think I have two certain ones and a few 'maybes' and I really cannot wait to write with some of my most favourite people. If you're reading this and would also like to collab, email me and we can sort something out ( ) I'm super excited for these though and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy planning them

Finally I have a few of those make-up posts planned which I mentioned the other day and also, when I break up from college I want to do a few 'Day in the Life'/'Follow me round for a day' type posts whilst I do my Christmas shopping etc.

I hope you're all having a very lovely Winter- I shall see you again tomorrow

Cheerio! Xxx
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