Sunday, 14 December 2014

Human Kindness- Day #13

I'm so sorry that this post is late! Whilst publishing it last night, my laptop completely crashed and would not even let me move the mouse, never mind access the internet. Here is Day #13- Enjoy!

Yesterday I said that I was going to probably post a Top 10 but scrap that idea. I've been thinking about something which I've only really been properly aware of for the past couple of years but something I truly think everyone should be an active participant in. It's good, old human kindness
I'm not going to lie, throughout my early teen years, I was a bit of a bitchy person. I'd take one little bad thing out on everyone around me instead of just sucking it up and dealing with it which meant I grew apart from a few people I was really close to or really offended those who I genuinely cared about. Now, I've become much better at not letting a few crappy things influence the rest of my day and I genuinely believe this is largely down to Carrie Hope Fletcher.

You should have heard of her because she is incredible but if not, please visit her YouTube channel itswaypastmybedtime then return to this post

Something really important that Carrie has taught me is the value of being nice for no reason. The joy you get from making someone else happy, outlasts greatly the slight moment of guilty happiness you receive, from making someone who you dislike, sad- a lesson I wish I'd learnt sooner than 2012. It's hard because I know exactly what it's like to be that miserable sod who couldn't really care less about anyone else and when you are that person, you don't realize it. You talk yourself round to believe that your reaction to others is completely justified, that you've done nothing wrong in the slightest and, no matter how hard it is to admit, that's not the truth. The sooner you admit to yourself that you're in the wrong, the easier it is to get out of that yacky stage and get on with it.

Anyway, back to Carrie. So often throughout her videos, she stresses how simple human decency can make someones day. Something as simple as a smile, or a little note (see Hopeful Notes), or a nice compliment can completely change someones horrific mood, neutral which, to me at least, is so much more satisfying than making someone's day crap.

That's all for today- I'm sort of feeling emotional but not in an upset way; just in a thoughtful way and I wanted to share some thoughts with you because if you can't get emotional at Christmas, when can you?!

See you tomorrow (hopefully <3 )

Cheerio! Xxx

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