Monday, 8 December 2014

Purple Christmas Make-Ups- Day #8

So this is scary- I'm doing a make-up post for once which is so foreign and odd for me and I'm not 100% comfortable with it because I'm not an expert but I said I'd do one about a week ago and I don't go back on promises etc so lets get cracking..
I've gone with a very purple look which I've been loving wearing so far this Winter because it really makes my eyes look so blue and shiny which I quite like. Before I get into this, remember I've not an expert in the slightest so please do not judge my awful terminology and rough round the edges make-up skills.

1. I start with my base- I don't normally wear foundation because it's just too heavy for my face but on occasions such as Christmas and New Year, I like to branch out my make-up and use a light Rimmel foundation just so my skin is more covered up and looks better in photos. I use this foundation, followed by the Collection concealer on my spots and a pale NYX concealer under my eyes to cover up the very heavy dark circles.

2. I don't wear a lot on my cheeks but I find that a slight dust of bronzer and a sweep of the Sleek blush in Flushed, gives a nice rosy, glow and makes me look a little more awake..

3. At this point, my skin make up is done so a dusting of powder helps to keep everything in place during the day. It's at this point also that I'll pop a little bit of lip balm on because I know it won't spread all over my face whilst blending concealer and foundation.

4. Then, I move onto my eyes. I hate doing my brows so much because I'm not arty at all and symmetry just doesn't happen for me. I've tried loads of different products but none of them really seem to make it easier so I just use a cheap brow pencil to draw a basic shape. To do, I basically follow the natural shape of my brow but make it a bit chunkier because they're rather sparse. Using a very thing brush, I'll then take a smidgen of 'Buck' from the Naked palette and brush over the pencil marks to make sure they last longer than an hour. If you want, at this point, you can put a small amount of highlight or white eye-shadow under the outside of the brow to add height to this area of the face.

5. This is the fun bit now- the time to create a nice smokey, purple haze over the eyelid. I have a really lovely bright purple in a Ted Baker palette which I got at the start of this year as a gift and I pop this all over the lid. Then, using a mixture of creep and gunmetal from the Naked Palette in the crease, I simply take a fluffy brush and blend all three colours together until they create a decent enough gradient. Slap on a bit of eyeliner and mascara and your eyes are done! I use a gel liner on the top to create a small wing and then a kohl pencil to line the waterline and the tight line. 

6. Recently, I've been really loving super dark lips. I bought a cheap Rimmel lipstick which I fell in love with, simply for the colour. It doesn't last for ages but it's much better than I assumed it would be and if you know a good lipstick with a smiliar colour to Rimmel's 'Dark Night Waterl-oops!', please do let me know. I like to line my lips with a transparent lip liner and then using a tiny lip brush, put on a good coating of this lipstick.

And this is the finished look... 

I hope you liked this- I don't feel 100% confident posting it but it's good to take risks and do things you're not comfortable with, right? If it goes down well, I might do a red lip post but I don't really want this to turn into a make-up blog. I'm much more about the friendly chats and general laughs than I am about the make-ups and the fashions..
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you try and recreate it! Send your recreated pictures to me on Twitter ( @vickywright97 ) or tag me on instagram ( @vickywright_x )
Thanks very much- sending lots of Christmas loves

Cheerio! Xxx

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