Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Manchester Christmas Markets- Day #16

I've promised you a follow me round style post for about 2 weeks now and today is the day for said post. I popped down to Manchester City Centre today to visit the market stalls and so I'll write a few bits about it if you're interested..?

We got the train down at about 10 past 9 in order to arrive nice and early and upon arrival, we went straight to the markets in the main square. They mainly serve food in these places so we noted to return later and instead went for a wander down to some of the other markets. I bought some gluten free Italian cake which contained almonds and chocolate from a lovely little stall which served lots of Italian treats. It was quite nice- it probably could have done with a drink alongside it as it was a little dry but for 90p each, you couldn't really go wrong.

We nipped also into some of the normal shops and if you're interested, I'll do a haul later on in the week? Although I didn't buy a huge amount, I bought a notable amount and plenty to write a haul about. However, as this is a Christmas market post, I'll just write about the market experience today.

For lunch, we went to a nice little Spanish stall for some paella. It was rather nice, I do sort of wish I'd chosen the seafood one because it's more traditionally Spanish and just a little bit different but I went with chicken which was really tasty. I'm not 100% sure if it was worth the £5.50 I payed for it (£1 for chorizo) but considering it was only for one day, I did enjoy it. 

Although I didn't buy much from the stalls, the actual day was lovely. If I was lacking any Christmas spirit, today would have definitely fixed that. Everyone there seems to have a mutual understanding that we're all to be nice to one another and we're all to use our manners and just be generally polite. 

It's just a really lovely day and if there are Christmas markets near you, I recommend you go and visit with either your family or a few friends <3

Cheerio! Xxx

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