Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Few Updates- Day #14

Hello again! Second post today, lucky you eh? I don't have a specific subject to discuss but I just thought we could have a nice little Sunday natter about things that are going on...
Firstly I have some tiny news- it's not particularly exciting for anyone other than me but I would quite like to discus it anyway because I'm excited.. I'm getting pink hair ^.^ It's not going to be all pink- I'm not that brave yet- but I'm dip dying the ends of it. I had a chat with my hairdresser the other day who said she was very willing to do it but I could do the exact same at home for a huge amount less money-wise so I was sold! I've got my dye ready, I've got my old towels.. It's all very exciting for me because I'm not experimental in the slightest with my looks so this is a huge giant leap for me. 
p.s. if any of my friends are reading this who can get to mine tomorrow and help me dye it, please text me! I don't know which of you have broken up and which of you are still in college and I feel I may need your help ^.^

Next kind of exciting news, is I have two collabs planned for this week. Well, I sort of do- I've asked two people if they want to collab and they both agreed (if Helen or Katt are reading this, expect a DM soon!) and I hope to upload those this week. On Friday, you can look forward to a lovely, Christmas filled post about about us decorating the tree and at some point, a 'follow me round' style post about around the Manchester Christmas Markets so you can check back soon for those.

I don't think I have any more news? I'll be updating you with my hair tomorrow which will hopefully go well *fingers crossed* and hopefully, you'll pop back later in the week to read up on my adventures throughout the week?

Cheerio! Xxx

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