Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Shopping in Liverpool- Day #6

I did my first proper Christmas shop today which has gotten me so excited and happy for Christmas Day ^.^ I'm not going to say what I got because I know some of the people I bought for, will read this and obviously I don't want to ruin the surprise so instead I'll just discuss my experience of the different shops- okay?

The first place I visited was Lush which I love at anytime of year but especially at Christmas- the holiday bath things they sell are so festive and make me so happy. I picked up a 'Holly Go Lightly' bubble bar for myself, to use on Christmas Eve- it's super glittery and colourful and smells divine! I have a few lush items I wish to review and so once I've used this one, I'll do one big review for you. All the staff were really lovely in there and completely willing to help if I needed it- and the lady who served me also had the most beautiful, bright orange hair which I am slightly obsessed with!

The next place I went was Boots which really disappointed me. Normally, I love Boots- I do my research before going in to see which products are good and which aren't and most of the time, I have a lovely time. Today however there were so many people in there, which normally I don't mind, but people weren't actually looking at things, they were just hovering. Then, staff were pushing through these crowds of people, causing a worse build up and it was far too cramped and clustered for my liking. I did try to look for a new winter lipstick but half the colours of the testers weren't actually available to buy and so I just left. I was really disappointed though because I really do love Boots and wanted the points 

Instead, I headed to Superdrug to get my lipstick and this was a much nicer experience- the staff were lovely in there and everything was in the place it should be. Although I didn't get the advantage points, I did enjoy my shop and surely that's the most important thing?

I nipped into Primark quickly just to pick up a Christmas jumper- obviously it was too busy and too cramped and nothing was organised but £12 for a singing Christmas jumper? Yes please!

I visited the Cath Kidston store to have a quick look round and everyone in there was really lovely. I was greeted by a very smiley lady and served by an equally smiley lady- both of whom made sure I knew where everything was and checked that I'd been able to find everything.

After, I popped into Forever 21 which, although it was busy, it wasn't so busy that it felt too crowded and stuffy. The only problem I did have was a few women around the jewelry who I don't think even knew what day it was, never mind which necklace their friend would like! They seemed to scowl at me for just being a 'miserable teenager' despite the fact I am quite the opposite. Other than that though, I had a lovely time in there and bought some lovely things 

The last place I went was the Disney store which is one of my most happy places- it's not quite as happy when you have no money to spend but the fact that if I wanted a huge Marie or Simba teddy for £20, I could, makes me extremely excitable ^.^

Well, today was a much better post right?! I've written more than 1 paragraph- we're getting there guys <3
If you would like to come back tomorrow, that would be truly wonderful, I hope to see you then
Sending lots of loves

Cheerio! Xxx

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