Monday, 15 December 2014

Pink hair day!- Day #15

Yesterday I mentioned about how today, I was going to add a bit of pink to my hair and today I did such things. I'll just tell you a few little bits about how I did it/what I used etc. and then if you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments.
The product I used was the Live Colour XXL semi-permanent dye in Shocking Pink. I only wanted to dip dye the ends and I didn't want a really bright colour because I do wear quite a bit of colour so I need it to be easy to hide in case I want to wear something that won't match the pink. 

I started by shampooing my hair, then towel drying it before popping on the dye in the places I wanted. I don't think I applied as much as I could have done because at first I held back as I didn't want to run out but I had nothing to worry about and it probably could have done with a little more dye than I ended up giving it. I then left it on for roughly 20 minutes but I would recommend leaving it in for longer. I didn't because it was absolutely freezing cold in our house and I just wanted to dry my hair as quickly as I possibly could but I think an extra 10 minutes would have gone down pretty well. Generally though, in terms of ease of application, helpfulness of instructions etc, it was very simple and easy to use- I'd recommend using the one that I used because it did work.

Overall, I'm rather pleased with the result! Considering the price, the fact I did it myself etc, I think it looks pretty good! Next time, I think I'd like to apply more of the product and apply it higher up the hair. I just found this part difficult because I have very long hair and I was slightly concerned that I wouldn't fit it all in the aluminium strip. I'm happy though and will certainly be repeating it, maybe with a purple colour, after this one fades.

Here's a picture to show you the intensity etc..

Hope you enjoyed- we're on a roll with these blogmas posts now! I have things planned for tomorrow, Friday and at least one collab also before Sunday so you can have that to look forwad to eh?

Cheerio! Xxx

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