Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Cakes- Day #23

I'm very passionate about cake- I eat a lot of cake and so feel I'm fairly well qualified to recommend certain Christmasy cakes and baked goods to you which I personally enjoy at this time of year. I will point out that, as I have mentioned before, I suffer with coeliac disease so any cake I have must be gluten free. This could therefore effect my opinions on certain cake because the gluten free variation is not as nice as the ordinary version
First obvious baked Christmas good is gingerbread men! They never seem to be peoples first choice which really gets to me because they're much more tasty than those stupid cakes with fruit in them! I do have a slight issue with cake with fruit in but I feel that's a story for another time.. Anyway, next time you're deciding which dessert to bake or you're in a lush Christmas bakery, go for the gingerbread men, not the ordinary chocolate cake/biscuit.

I've found a lovely new gluten free discovery lately- a chocolate loaf. My mum either bought it from M&S or Morrisons (I think it's M&S) and my goodness, it's excellent! It's pretty much a chocolate cake with half cooked cake/chocolaty cream on top, topped with sprinkles. It's particularly great warmed in the microwave for a few seconds as the top melts but the rest just warms up- it's lovely!

Cheesecake at Christmas is great. My Auntie makes a particularly lovely marble cheesecake but just general vanilla is very nice. If you've not yet decided on desserts for your Christmas meal, maybe consider a cheesecake. It's not an obvious choice, but none the less, it should go down well with most of the family ^.^

I hope this didn't make you too hungry ^.^ I do really love cakes and baking so much and it was rather lovely to share this cake passion with yourselves 

Tomorrow's the last of my Christmas lead up posts which is both scary and exciting and I have an actual thing planned instead of improv, an hour before uploading..

Cheerio! Xxx

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