Friday, 19 December 2014

Explosion of Cute Christmas Goodness!- Day #19

Today was a truly Christmasy day. I want to upload a few photos instead of writing lots today if that's alright? I took a beautiful walk through a little forest this morning with the 2 most adorable members of my family before returning home to put the decorations up and watch Home Alone. Could it honestly get any more Christmasy?
Myself and my lil cousins visited some lovely gardens a short drive from my house where we had a lovely lunch of soup and bread rolls, followed by a lovely chocolate tort (healthy fruit for the children, obviously!) before a nice, gentle walk through a little forest-y area to try and send the kids to sleep. Below are a few pictures of the area we visited:

Aren't there fairy lights adorable?!
It's harder than you'd think to push a buggy and take a photo..
When I returned home, it was finally time to put up our Christmas decorations! I know it's very very late but it's been the only time our whole family have all been available to do them together and it's Christmas- of course we want to put them up together! We have 2 trees in our house but just one main one which I love! We have little decs everywhere but I've only taken a couple of photos as these are my personal favourite areas of the house..
Oh so Christmas..
That funny shadow is a window, not a ghost ^.^

I hope you enjoyed this more picture-based post today? It's been a super lovely day and I feel oh so festive right now. Hope you're all having wonderful Christmases and I'll hopefully see you tomorrow <3

Cheerio! Xxx

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