Saturday, 20 December 2014

Meh...- Day #20

I really have nothing to day today.. I've spent the majority of today posting cards and watching Christmas films so there really is nothing to report. It was my first proper day off in about a year which was long overdue but also really lovely- it does however mean that I have nothing to post today..

I've honestly just sat on the sofa, cake in one hand, tea in the other, and watched 'Nativity!', 'Santa Claus' and the Strictly final which, I'm aware, does not make a particularly great post. I could probably put together a Lush haul but I really want to pay extreme attention to that planned post because it's something I've been slowly writing for a long while now and I'd love to put some real effort and thought into it. Plus my laptop is messing up massively and there's no way it would take under an hour to write!

Sorry it's been rather disappointing- I've really just had a very overdue day off and slightly neglected this blog. I'm honestly very sorry..

Tomorrow, I do have a lovely collab with my wonderful friend Katt so you can all look forward to that! Thanks for being so patient with me <3

Cheerio! Xxx

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