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Christmas Collab with Katt!- Day #21

After yesterday's disgraceful post, I hope this one is much more full of excitement for you.
I've mentioned for a while now that I have a few collabs lined up and this is one of them! My lovely friend Katt and I sent one another some Christmas based questions and I'm going to answer the ones she sent me on here and you can go here to read her responses to mine ^.^

1. Do you have a real or fake tree?
We have both! We have a big, real tree in the front room and a smaller, fake tree in the conservatory. I prefer the real one because of the smell but the small one is a lovely colour and much less messy as it doesn't shred pines.

2. What time to you go to bed on Christmas Eve?
I try to get into bed at around 10pm. On Christmas Eve, I like to use a nice Christmas bath bomb and use a face mask so my face is all nice and cleansed for Christmas Day. This tends to make me quite sleepy so it's quite easy to get to sleep

3. Who cooks your Christmas dinner?
We alternate it. One year my Grandma does it, the next my Auntie does and then we host it. This year my Auntie will be cooking for us because she's got 2 little babies and its easier in case they want a nap etc..

4. Do you watch much Christmas TV?
A fair amount.. I prefer to watch films at Christmas but I do enjoy the Christmas specials of my already favourite TV shows

5. Which Christmas song do you have on repeat?
Fairytale of New York,'s cold outside and Winter Wonderland. They remind me of sitting in front of the fire, eating marshmallows and baking gingerbread and I love them all lots!

6. Do you have Christmas crackers?
Yes! Of course! I personally struggle with the hats because I have a stupidly small head and they just fall down but I do love getting either the mood telling fish or the set of mini screwdrivers! Or the sewing kit ^.^

7. What is the best present you've ever given someone?
My parents gift last year was pretty cool. I got them a load of things from Izzy's Attic to decorate the house in and they were wrapped up beautifully! My mums gift this year is pretty cool also but I obviously can't tell you about that yet 

8. Name 3 people you would like to spend Christmas with
If you mean 3 family members then it's mum, dad and my sister. But 3 other people.. Scott Mills, Chris Stark and Beyoncé

9. Do you have a stocking? 
We do have stockings but I don't think we fill them with gifts. They're just there as a bit of decoration really.. I did notice yesterday however, the dog seems to have acquired a stocking which I've never seen before ^.^

10. What's your earliest Christmas memory?
I remember getting a Barbie scooter one year. I think I was about 7 and my parents had said I wasn't allowed one because they were too expensive/ I'm too clumsy. Fortunately, I must have been very good that year because Santa got me a bright pink one, complete with knee and elbow pads (safety first kids!)

The questions I asked Katt:

1. What is your best Christmas memory?
2. What time will you be waking up on Christmas morning?
3. What is the last thing you do on Christmas Day?  
4. One Christmas wish?
5. Last Christmas song you listened to?
6. Christmas drink of choice?
7. What's top of your Christmas list?
8. Do you top the tree with a star or an angel?
9. If you could be any character from any Christmas film, who would you be?
10. Favourite Christmas TV special?

I want to say the biggest THANK YOU to Katt for sending great questions! I really really really recommend checking out her blog because I don't think I've ever met someone so relatable in my entire life and she's a blooming great friend too <3

Thanks so much if you read down this far! It means lots. We're so close to Christmas now and it's been a joy writing for you for so long. Hopefully see you tomorrow, yeah?

Cheerio! Xxx

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