Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Confessions.. - Day #9

There seems to be an awful lot of Christmas things that I'm really not keen on but go along with because it's Christmas and it's tradition and I would like to share a few of these with you..
Firstly, and one which shocks many people, I don't like 'Elf'. I'm unsure why, I just haven't really bonded with it like I have with other Christmas films and I'm not entirely sure what the hype around it is. I just think there's much better Christmas films with slightly less predicable endings...

Christmas desserts aren't that great. Don't get me wrong, all the chocolate is great, but all Christmas cakes seem to have fruit in and I'm really not keen on the whole 'fruit in dessert' thing. Christmas pudding and Christmas cake just aren't particularly impressive- they're very much overrated

Christmas Eve > Christmas Day
All of Christmas Eve is awesome because of all the build up of excitement and Christmas baking whereas only the morning of Christmas Day is actually any good. After Christmas dinner, everyone's just a bit deflated really, aren't they? Everyone gets a little too tired and the consequences of alcohol before 12pm start to kick in for the rest of the family and it's not as exciting as Christmas Eve. What is there to look forward to- clearing out your home the next day? Meh.

I still like to leave out a mince pie, a carrot and a drink for Santa because even though I'm all grown up now, I still love the idea of a really kind human being giving out gifts just to be nice. 

Picture from: http://www.madenimitliv.dk/2012/12/rigtig-glaedelig-jul-2.html

These are just a few of my Christmas Confessions- feel free to make this into a tag post and write your own or comment below yours. I wanted to keep this short today because yesterday was looooong! Hope you still enjoyed, sending lots of loves

Cheerio! Xxx

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