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How I spend Christmas... Day #3

Christmas is a time for traditions and personally, I don't feel like Christmas would be complete without them- whether they are with family, friends or just your personal traditions, I believe they are an essential part of the celebration. Everyone has their own specific way of celebrating and I wanted to share mine with you today on Blogmas, Day #3 (I've given up on trying to think of an alternative name and just gone with 'Blogmas' instead like everyone else does- I think it's for the best)

I'm not going to do into Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year traditions etc. because I don't want to ramble or bore you with describing my entire holiday. The location of Christmas day alternates every year between our house, Grandma's house and my Auntie's and we do all the traditional British things- eat all the foods, watch all the TVs and open all the presents. However, the day, for me, begins at 6:30am with the Radio 1 Breakfast show.

I don't think I've made it a secret on this blog that I listen to the radio a lot and the Radio 1 breakfast show on Christmas morning is one of those traditions that, no matter how old I am, I will always do. Last year (and this year), it has been extra special as my favourite DJ of all time has been presenting the show- Scott Mills! The entire show is filled with Christmas goodness and amazing entertainment and, particularly during the first half hour, I feel almost like the only person listening and it's more like a chat between friends than a radio show. (I am aware how cheesy that sounds-  just pretend it's cute)

At about 8am, my lil sis- she's 13 now but still littler than me- will come bounding into my room and we'll snuggle up and get along for once in our lives! We tend to brush our teeth and wash also whilst listening to the radio and it's honestly so lovely to talk to her and it not end in an argument for once. At about half past 8, mum and dad'll get up and we'll all drink tea and coffee and properly wake up before going downstairs to see if Father Christmas had been and share presents and open the gifts from distant family members which have gathered under the tree throughout December.

After having a lovely breakfast- normally accompanied with half a selection box- I'll start getting ready to go out (or prepare for guests if we're hosting). I know that, on Christmas day, most people wear novelty jumpers and comfy clothes but I'm almost the exact opposite. I mentioned to a friend the other day that Christmas day is the only day of the year where I make an effort with my hair, my make-up AND my outfit. I tend to plan this weeks in advance and will know EXACTLY what I will look like and how I will achieve it. I think it's because my Grandad and Grandma have a slight obsession with taking so many pictures and there have been too many times where we've been looking through family albums and I want to be a little sick at the state off my face a few years ago. So now, I try my very hardest to make sure that does not happen.

At around, either we'll walk round to meet the rest of the family or they will arrive at our house. After a welcome drink and snacks, the kids will open some of their gifts to shut them up whilst I have a lovely catch up with my Nanny and Grandad who I don't see enough, and we'll do all the Christmas things- watch the telly, have a natter, eat etc.- before having a lovely dinner accompanied by paper hats, mini screwdrivers and the same awful jokes as last year ^.^

Having eaten so much I feel sick, I'll probably have a little lie down and exchange gifts with all the family. By this point, my Grandma's realized she's left half the gifts at home and told us what the other half of the gifts are before we've opened them. Grandad will have taken more pictures that he's eaten mince pies and the kids will have tried to eat the paper off every single present.

Then we're done! Everyone goes home and leaves us to tidy up the mess and carry all the gifts back down the road to our house

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Let me know what traditions you all have- I'd love to know!
I'm really enjoying this whole daily blogging thing and I cannot wait for a few collabs I have planned with a few awesome friends (If you're interested in maybe doing a collab, email me- - and we can sort something!)

Cheerio! Xxx

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