Thursday, 18 December 2014

Fifteen Festive Favourties- Day #18

The gorgeous Tom Fletcher did a wonderful YouTube video where he discussed his Festive Favourites and I want to steal his questions and do it myself if that's okay? They'll be quite quick fire I think because I've answered many similar questions in the past 17 Days..

What is your favourite...

1. Festive Food
Gingerbread men and Chocolate are obviously excellent Christmas treats but my favourite food to eat on Christmas day is definitely pigs in blankets!

2. Reindeer
Obviously Rudolf!

3. Day of Christmas (off've the song)
5 GOLD RINGS (is it gold rings or golden rings?)

4. Christmas Song
Fairytale of New York

5. Christmas Present
Obviously the valuable presents are very truly appreciated but I love the gifts where someone has genuinely listened to something I've said and got me a gift based on that. It's just more personal I guess..

6. Christmas Film

7. Christmas Cracker Toy
That fish is quite entertaining isn't it?

8. Christmas Cracker Joke
What do snowmen wear on their heads?
Ice caps ^.^

9. Decoration
Fairy lights!

10. Candle Scent
I really like berry scents- they tend to fill up the house more than others. However, I also love the special salted caramel ones also

11. Christmas Advert
Sainsbury's have smashed it this year with theirs- I adore it

12. Festive Tradition
Our family Christmas Eve meal. My immediate family 

13. Place to spend Christmas
Our's or Grandma's house

14. Festive Fact
If you bless someone for sneezing on Christmas Day, an elf gets hiccups 

15. Snowman Accessory
Does this mean I can only put one thing on the snowman? Because in that case it'd be coal because you can make eyes, a nose, a mouth and buttons with it? But if he already has his essentials and this is to just spruce him up a bit, then a nice hat!

Check back tomorrow for a lovely Christmas decorations post which I'm super excited to write about! 

Cheerio! Xxx

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