Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Top 5 Christmas Films- Day #17

A big part of Christmas is obviously festive films! Generally, I'm not a film person- I have a stupidly short attention span so tend to doze off after about 20 minutes but Christmas films are much different. There's something much more amusing to me about a film being set in the snow and I adore all the stereotypical Christmas things which are crammed so tightly into these films, they're almost leaking tinsel
5. Jack Frost- It's nice to get a little bit emotional round Christmas time and I like to think this film brings that sadness. I like how it reminds us that bad things still do happen at Christmas time and for a short while, it pops the happy Christmas bubble brings me back to the real world for a while.

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4. Mary Poppins- I'm not entirely sure if this counts as I am aware, it's not a Christmas film. But, every year it's show on TV on New Years Day and I just enjoy that almost the entire nation all sit collectively, singing along in their individual homes to Spoonful of Sugar and Feed the Birds and I just really really love it and it reminds me of Christmas time

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3. Home Alone- Who doesn't love Home Alone?! Admittedly, they did ruin it ever so slightly with all the sequels but the first one is amazing. It's still hilarious, even now, and it's just a really great, feel good film.

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2. Miracle on 34th Street- This films represents literally everything I want in life; Santa to be real, a beautiful house, a perfect relationship and blanket style snow. There is nothing about this film that isn't amazing and full of festive wonders and still, after seeing it so many times, I get really into the court scene and feel the same emotions I did the first time round.

1. Nativity (all of them..)- I feel like the humour in Nativity is aimed at 5-9 year-olds which for me, is perfect! I love the whole childish nonsense and this film oozes festive spirit and immature humour. Plus there's many a musical number which floats my boat even more

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Let me know what your favourite Christmas films are because I'd love to check them out!

Cheerio! Xxx

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