Friday, 16 January 2015

The Music Tag

What better way to start a music project than with a good old music tag ey?! I took the questions from the internet so I've not specifically been tagged- therefore don't see it fair for me tag anyone in particuler. If you're reading this, have a blog/YouTube and fancy answering the questions, go ahead! And comment below that you've done it so I can check out your posts too...

I will warn toy in advance, Beyonce and Mcfly are very likely to be recurring answers here but I will try and mix it up a little as to not bore you

1. Favourite band/musician of the moment:

Does 'of the moment' refer to them being very current or me only recently becoming a fan of theirs?! I'll go with Hozier because I love love love 'Take me to Church' lately (despite first hearing it quite a while ago...) and I've started listening to the album whilst working

2. Band/musician you always come back to:

Mcfly and Beyonce- they're my favourite musicians ever.. Beyonce for the vocals+entertainment and Mcfly for their lyrics 

3. Favourite song(s) of all time:

Either Halo or Stargirl..

4. Most embarrassing song in your iTunes/Music Library:

I've recently cleared out all my iTunes and set it up again because there was so much rubbish on there so currently there's nothing that embarrassing! I do remember deleting a Jedward single from it though...

5. Top 3 songs played in your iTunes/Music Library:

Again, because I've recently cleared it out, my current play counts are only really between 0-15.. Current top though are Blank Space- Taylor Swift, No Angel- Beyonce and The Hardest Part- Nina Nesbitt

6. Favourite CD/album:

Not for the actual music, but because of what we've been through together, it's 'I am... Sasha Fierce'. In terms of music however, it's probably either of Ed Sheeran's albums. Radio:Active is an incredible album too!

7. Favourite album art:

The 'Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?' cover is stunning!

8. Favourite musical/movie soundtrack/music based movie:

My favourite movie soundtrack is 100% the Tarzan soundtrack- Two Worlds and You'll Be In My Heart just melt me, they're beautiful! I also love the soundtrack from Wicked and Pulled from The Addams Family is excellent

9. First concert you ever attended:

Westlife, when I was about 7. My Dad injured his leg so couldn't accompany my Mum, therefore I took his place! It was great but I did break my flashy start thing before they even came on.

10. Best concert you ever attended:

I don't want to say Beyonce/Mcfly again cause that's so predictable but they genuinely were. Beyonce is obviously, the most talented performer of our time and seeing Mcfly at Aintree was so magical- particularly with the heavy rainfall during the most emotional songs  ^.^

11. Favourite quote/song lyric:

I have a few...
'Everyone deserves the chance to fly'
'Just remember to smile smile smile'
'I'm not saying life is borning, just predictable sometimes'
'We are pirates at sea with the world at our feet, sailing on waves made of stars'

12. Can you play any instruments:

Not at all! I've always wanted to play ukulele but I can't sing AT ALL so I feel it'd just be a waste

13. Do you have "a song" with anyone:

aha, yeah... The song is 'Say Something'. You can make your own assumptions from that

14. Has your music taste changed over time:

I guess so, slightly. I've always have a very broad taste in music- I listen to the majority of genres, I'm not loyal to any and never have been. I did go through a dance music phase for about 2 months in Year 7/8 but that wore off very quickly

As I said at the start, if you want to do this tag, feel free! Let me know please if you do and I'll check out your posts 

Cheerio! Xxx


  1. i love this tag!

    Just Another Girl xxx

  2. I love Hoizer, his voice is amazing and Take Me To Church is an amazing song!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Isn't his voice just beautiful?! Really love his album at the moment <3