Monday, 19 January 2015

Them Ones Which Inspire Me

I'd quite like to write about some of the people who motivate me and inspire me to continue to work hard if that's okay with you? I have too many to talk about in just one post so I've split this into 2 categories- girls and boys. Not because I'm being sexist or anything similar, just because they're the only 2 categories which created an even divide between the lot..In this post, I shall be discussing the females. These are not the only women in my life who inspire me but they are the ones who I would say, particularly recently, I go to when I'm feeling really unmotivated. I've not included family members/friends because I would be here all do- there are just the 'famous' ones...

Firstly, and probably most obviously, is Beyonce. I've heard people say that she's 'overrated' or that she gets payed far too much for what she does but, after watching her documentary, you can see just how hard she works- and has always worked. That fortune if purely due to hard work and dedication, qualities I believe not enough people have, despite wanting to go far.

Next, I've mentioned her a fair few times on this blog, but it's Carrie Hope Fletcher. As the name suggests, she is one of the most hopeful, positive, happy, joyous humans to ever exist and a lot of where I am right now is a result of her. She never fail to make me smile and restores all faith in my view of humanity when things aren't going so well. Not to mention how she's insanely talented and also rather beautiful!

Next, a YouTube person.. this choice even surprises me because I'm not very big on 'YouTubers' (story for another time). However, Hazel Hayes is an excellent woman! I really appreciate her because she's so successful in a very male dominated industry and I admire her determination extraordinarily. She's a real good egg and a real inspiration to me.

Shall we have one last one before finishing up? This choice is a little different because the woman doesn't actually exist- yet she is still as valid and legitimate as all the others. It's Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. She knows her dream and she knows how to get there. She works her absolute arse off for what she wants and she deserves every ounce of success she achieves.

I think that's all for now. I shall be writing a similar one of these in a few weeks but until then, I hope you're doing wonderfully! If you have time, I'd appreciate it if you checked out my 'Music' tab up at the top ^^ as I'm super excited to upload stuff on there

Let me know in the comments, who inspires you <3

Cheerio! Xxx


  1. Hazel and Carrie are such big inspirations for me too! They're both so talented x

    1. Yes! That's why I love them because they have a genuine, actual talent <3

  2. Great post :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted thanks!

    Camille xo

    1. Thanks very much! <3
      I'll be sure to check out your blog right away x

  3. I love Carrie and Hazel as well :) Carrie's videos never fail to make me smile and I can't wait to read her book when it comes out.

    Carolyn x

    1. ah they're so awesome right?!
      Same- it's getting so close now,I really cannot wait <3