Thursday, 1 January 2015


Happy New Year m'loves! I wish you all the loves and best wishes for 2015 and hope that however you celebrated, you had a really lovely time..
New Years resolutions are a thing. Other years, I've tried to think of a few, normally on New Years Eve, and they've lasted about 2 weeks before I've decided I actually like cake more than I like being thin or that exercise really isn't for me. I didn't want to do that this year because it just makes the first fortnight of the year miserable and that's no way to kick of the next 365 days. Instead, I've decided to just set myself a few goals every month- that way it's easy to track that I've done them all, it's more motivating as the deadline is closer and I can tailor the targets to whatever is happening that month.

Don't get me wrong, if you've gone down the traditional resolution path, good for you! I hope that all goes magnificently for you and you stick to whatever goals you've set yourself. It's just not for me..

One thing that I am going to try and focus on all year however, is completely separating my work from my down-time and the other way round. Currently, whilst I work, I'll have my phone next to me or have my music on full blast. The other issue is that when I've decided I've finished my work for the day, I'll put a film on but with the French language option turned on meaning I never quite get away from work. That's going to change though this year. I'm going to organize my time better so I can get work from college and other commitments finished, then have a nice amount of free time. I just think it's nice to be organized sometimes as everything runs more smoothly and efficiently ^.^

Best wishes for the new year! I shall be doing a Top...Of 2014 style post next week (quite possibly Monday) so keep your lovely little eyes peeled for that <3

Cheerio! Xxx

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