Monday, 12 January 2015

Growing Up Again (+ News)

I did a similar post to this just over 7 months ago when I just started this blog and had no where near as many views as I do now. I'll link that here in case (like most people), you haven't read it so you can have a lil' insight before starting this. I would quite like to discuss growing up again as it's something I've really noticed lately and I'm equally scared and excited and just need to get it all out
I'm going to university in September and no one warned me how stressful the whole after-application process is! You're constantly warned that the important things are your personal statement and your UCAS application and you're grades but for me, those weren't massive issues. Because everyone knows how important they are, you get help. People are trained to help you write and construct applications and you're guided through it so everything's nice and simple. It's all the stuff afterwards which is the problem

I have a few dietary requirements due to the fact my small intestine is the crappiest small intestine, so the accommodation is actually really important for me. Therefore I've already started to really seriously look into places for me to stay and jeez, it's all very confusing! There seems to be a very wide range of different types of rooms with different facilities and different distances from certain parts of the uni and my brain is well and truly frazzled! I'm very poor at making decisions generally so making decisions which will impact the next 4 years of my life is absolutely petrifying. What if I suddenly decide I want to start the gym and the nearest one is 45 minutes away?! What if in the summer, I want to host a BBQ but I don't have the facilities to?! Or what if I buy a bike and there's nowhere to keep it?! (none of these will ever happen but 'what if...')

It makes me really miss being little. And I don't mean high school or primary school little, but proper nursery little. When I didn't even understand what my own thumb was, never mind education and finance and insurance. ARGH

I can tell I'm really growing up now because I don't even watch Disney films in the same way. Admittedly I do still put myself in the princesses shoes but instead of dreaming about living in faraway castles with wonderful princes, I just think about how uncomfortable that situation would actually be in real life:

  • The awkward silence during the boat rides in The Little Mermaid and Tangled (because it's unlikely in real life, fish would be singing and creating fountains round Prince Eric and I..)
  • I can barely even sit with my legs crossed for 30 seconds without getting cramp, there's no way I'd last an entire trip with Aladdin
  • The saliva/vomit which also spilled out of your mouth when coughing up the poisoned apple- plus that's all in front of the prince you really fancy
If anyone knows how to turn back time by about 15 years, I'd be extremely grateful! 

It's not all bad though- I read my Growing Up post from a while back just before writing this and it really made me laugh at how much I was struggling with my driving. You may be interested to know, just a couple of months after that, I smashed my test first time, with just a tiny number of minors. YASSS

I've rambled lots today but it's nice to ramble sometimes- it's like a nice catch up with old friends <3

I mentioned in the title of this post that I had some news so here it is.. You may have seen (or maybe not have seen), that I've deleted the playlists page from the top of my blog. It's nothing dramatic but it's been replaced with one saying 'Music'. I just wasn't getting as much enjoyment out of the playlists as I initially thought I would so I've scrapped it. I'll still compile some together sometimes but now I also have the option to post other music related posts which is what I'm really passionate about. Keep your eye on that tab because I'm going to try and write 2 blog posts per week on Mondays and Fridays- one main one like always then one music related one. It could be a music themed tag or an album review or a playlist.. we'll give it a go and I hope you are about 1/2 as excited as I am <3

Cheerio! Xxx


  1. I've read both your growing up posts and agree with everything! Its so well written and basically describes my life right now. I bet you'll have a great time at university once you're there though xxx

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