Friday, 3 April 2015

Big Weekend Line Up- So far...

Tickets for Radio 1's Big Weekend went on sale this week, and I could not be more excited. Unfortunately, I won't be going because it's miles away and I'm poor as heck- but that won't stop me spending every second of the weekend, live streaming every single performance by every single artist. I'd quite like to comment on the current announced line-up if you're keen because so far, it's right up my street!
First acts announced were Taylor Swift and Florence and the Machine. I've mentioned on here before how much I adore Florence so of course, I was instantly massively excited for her. She's a proper festival artist who I know will radiate summer and bring beautiful music to the festival season.
I feel like Taylor Swift is one of those artists who even if you don't like her, really you love her. You cannot say she doesn't know how to write a blooming marvelous tune and I'm confident I'll be having a good dance around to Style in the conservatory. Plus, I am secretly hoping she get's Greg James up to recreate THAT video..

2 other acts announced by Grimmy on the Radio 1 Breakfast show were Catfish and the Bottlemen and Years and Years- both of whom, I'm completely obsessed with! Years and Years are just brilliant, pure electropop/R&B goodness which just warms my ears and brain with happiness. I have absolutely no doubt they'll be utterly wonderful and absolutely smash their performance.
The last act I want to discuss today is Catfish and the Bottlemen- the act I'm most excited for so far. Not only is their album, The Balcony, slowly creeping into my top 5 of all time, I want to be best buds with Van McCann more than anything in the world. I know for a fact they're going to be my standout performance for the weekend and I'm insanely excited to sit down with a bowl of crisps and be completely blown away
I hope you're all looking forward to Radio 1's Big Weekend as much as I am- let me know if you have tickets/who you're most looking forward to!

Cheerio! Xxx

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