Monday, 13 April 2015

Make Your Voice Heard

The UK General Election is approaching. And I want to vote. I have strong opinions about certain parties policies and I would like my voice to be heard; I'd like to be able to have a say in my future. Unfortunately, I'm about 3 months too young- which really sucks.
The thing that bothers me the most about not being able to vote, is that I have absolutely no say over my University tuition fees. I'm going to end up in possibly over £27,000 worth of debt which is just ridiculous- and I won't have had any say in whether I think it's fair or not. I'm not saying that I think the voting age should be lowered or anything, because I'm aware politicians focus on more than just tuition fees, but I do have a blog that a fair few people read- so why not share my opinions on there?

I'm not trying to force my opinion down your throats or anything- I am aware you all have your own opinions and we live in a democracy, you can vote for whoever and whichever party you wish, but this is me, expressing my vote.

Firstly, if UKIP get in, I'm leaving the country- that's it, I'm done. Not every problem can be caused by getting rid of immigrants. If anything, it just causes more problems. Yes, it's not right that anyone can come from anywhere and claim off our benefits/NHS system, but leaving the EU is like wrapping a paper-cut in a mile of bandage. To me, it just seems a little extreme? Plus, leaving the EU doesn't prevent illegal immigrants entering the country. There are always going to be people who cheat the system, and it's those who cause more problems than skilled workers, who enter our country and share their culture with us. Not to mention, I feel lots of their other policies are overlooked by racist hypocrites who don't wish to live next-door to a Polish family, but are happy to sit drinking German beer whilst eating Italian pizza that they picked up from an American take-away in a French car. I personally find the party very sexist- scrapping paid maternity leave, been known to make various comments about how marital rape doesn't exist and how women shouldn't wear trouser- but the one I find the most sneaky is their policy on how they wish to make maths, science, technology and engineering degrees free (Terms and Conditions apply). Funny that considering I was watching, just the other week on the news how there are very few females taking up these subjects- males being treated better in education than females? Sounds very 1920's to me...

Anyway, this post isn't a 'let's slate UKIP' post, because otherwise we'd be here all day. Other parties have messed up too. During the leaders debate the other week, Ed Miliband seemed to stare so deep into the camera I thought he was about to steal my sole. I'm not entirely sure David Cameron knew what day it was and Nick Clegg was so far up his arse, I'm surprised he could see. 

If I had my vote, I'd be voting labour- reduced tuition fees and they tend to favour the working class. 

If you're eligable to vote and you haven't registered yet, you can do so here, please do use your vote because I'd love to have the opportunity to so don't take yours for granted. Even if there's no party leader who jumps out at you, get your vote against UKIP in- or an extremist party like the BNP who are just downright racist dickheads. You have the chance to make your voice heard, so damn right use it!

Cheerio! Xxx


  1. I agree with practically everything that you just wrote! I would vote Labour too (if I was old enough). I am seriously so angry at the Uni tuition fees. All of those politicians got a university education for free and they make us pay!? It upsets me so much. It's like they're branding uni education as something that isn't essential and therefore is only for people that can pay.
    Sorry for that Mini Rant haha
    Peace xo

    1. It's so rubbish not being able to vote, right?! Don't worry at all about having a rant- I totally agree and understand everything you're saying <3

  2. I Certainly Hope The Vote Goes Your Way!!