Monday, 27 April 2015

Them Ones Which Inspire Me (Part 2)

You may remember, a few months back, I wrote a post about those who inspire me from day to day. In that post I focused on female role models and said I'd wheel out one about male inspirations if I'm ever seriously lacking motivation/time... Well, I've been up since 6am, it's now 11pm and I honestly haven't had a spare 30 minutes all day to do some writing, so here is that post!

I do just want to reiterate that I didn't split the list into males and females because I think one gender is more/less inspirational than the other. I simply did it because that meant a 50:50 divide which is nice for continuity purposes ^.^

We'll start with the obvious shall we? Anyone who has ever spent more than 5 minutes around me will, without doubt, know that Scott Mills and Chris Stark top my list. There's so much I want to say about them but I'll be here all day so I simply wish to say how admirable I find Scott's hard work and dedication to everything he's passionate about and how Chris makes me smile until the sun shines out of my ears (cheesy as heck, right?!)

NEXT, we have Mr Disney- Walt. Deary me, where to even start?! Anyone with that amount of motivation, determination and imagination just has to be magic! There is, as far as I'm concerned, no other logical explanation. It's not just him as a person I aspire to be like, but there's at least one trait in every single character he's created, that I envy. Whether it be Snow Whites kindness, Mickey's joy and positivity, or even Gaston's confidence, there's no end to the amount of joy, this man's imagination has brought me and it would be wrong for him not to appear on the list.

Last one (then we've had 4 on each post). The most wonderful, Tom Fletcher. Goodness, he makes me smile! Everything about it is my absolute goals- husband goals, baby goals, hair goals. I adore him! And the thing I adore most- he tackles every aim, every show, every challenge with the biggest, most infectious smile on his lovely lil face...

Let me know who inspires you/ if you agree with any of those that I've chosen <3 And a few lovely people have started to request posts also, so if you have a request, leave it in the comments and I'll have a look 

Cheerio! Xxx


  1. Awhile ago I watched Tom Fletcher's video Buzz and the Dandelion. It was so adorable!

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change

    1. It's so adorable- I think I must have watched it upwards of 5735752 times ^.^

  2. Tom Fletcher and Walt Disney Are my inspiration too!! Love this post

    Just Another Girl xxx

  3. Really lovely post. And really great people that inspire you. Fantastic! Always take care.

    1. thank you so much, that's really lovely x