Monday, 20 April 2015

Revision Tips

Hello there! I feel like I've not sat down and written a blog post for ages- my last few have been scheduled whilst I celebrated my 18th in Disneyland ^.^ I might write a post or two about it if anyone is interested but it's bottom of my priorities at the moment- you can check out pictures on my twitter and instagram (@vickywright_x) As I mentioned in a playlist, earlier in the month, exams and revision are fully on now and a few of you- who am I kidding? One person...- said that revision tips would be really useful, so I shall attempt to share some of my wisdom from my 5 years of exams with you
Now, I'm not saying these are going to be amazing and help you pass every single one of your exams with flying colours- but they help keep me sane during revision. I'm not going to number them either because it all gets a bit BuzzFeed after a while... don't you think?

I'll start with comfort. I personally find it so much easier to revise when wearing comfy bottoms- skinny jeans are off- and a warm top. I get really uncomfortable when I'm too cold or too hot so the whole temperature regulating thing is so important. If it's cold, grab a blanket; if it's hot, remove a jumper. Just make sure wherever you are, you're comfortable because if you're anything like me, you'll be in that spot for a while. Keep snacks near by and plenty if water. I prefer flavoured water (sugar free, of course) but any helps to keep you hydrated which prevents that lagging feeling later in the day. I've converted to decaffeinated tea too, not specifically for revision, but I don't get that down feeling anymore when the caffeine wears off which is just great! Move around a lot too- don't revise in the same spot, in the same room daily because it'll just feel relentless! Maybe do an hour of Chemistry in the kitchen, an hour of French in your room and then your Maths homework in the garden.

Staying motivated is a big problem for a lot of people. Now, unfortunately,I can't help that much with that because I set such high, unrealistic targets for myself that I know I just have to work if I want to achieve them. However, I guess what I would recommend is setting yourself around 5 targets per day- maybe 2 practice papers, reviewing a set of notes and a developing subject specific skills? I like quite like rewarding myself with food every time I reach a target which is a nightmare for my weight for, but cake tastes great. In general though, just focus on your goals and how disappointed you'll be if you don't achieve it.

Staying sane when you've got a long day of revisions tough. Depending on your preferences, I know some people who like to spread it out and do a bit a day- and others who prefer to slug it out for a day then have a rest. Whichever it is, I do find music really helps me get through it. Not so much for French/other language subjects, but for maths and science subjects- it really does help me to stay sane. I've done a revision playlist under the music tab and, after a request, I'll be doing another containing more modern songs on Friday, but also movie soundtracks are great. Often, they're made as to not distract you from the film so, by the same logic, they shouldn't distract you from your revision...

Right, that's all I have for now. I might add more as I discover new ones during revision season. I wish you all the best of luck in all your exams ^.^

Cheerio! Xxx


  1. Amen to the point you made about comfy clothes (she writes as she sits on the couch in pajama bottoms and a cozy jumper)! And I really liked the point you made about rewarding yourself (: I think it's important to take a little break after a while and snacks are a great way to do so, haha. <3

    1. haha yesss! Comfort is key ^.^ It's really great for motivation- really recommend it <3

    2. haha yesss! Comfort is key ^.^ It's really great for motivation- really recommend it <3

  2. Thanks for the revision tips! I'm starting my GCSE's next year so I will keep them in mind! ;)
    Peace xo