Friday, 24 April 2015

Another Revision Playlist?!

Right, this'll be my last revision based post for a while because there's really not much else to say! I popped up a Revision Playlist post which seemed to go down really well a couple of weeks ago, and received a comment from postingvprojects (who you should totally check out!) asking for some more current songs. Well, your wish is my command!
As I don't want to just quote the top 40, not all of these are so recent they've only come out this month, but all have been released after January 2014 *if I've got my facts right...

1. I was listing to Big Girls Cry by Sia and was so tempted to recommend it to you all because it's such a gorgeous song BUT probably not best for revision. So instead, what about another of her wonderful songs?

2. I'm absolutely obsessed with this entire album, but one of my favorite songs (and there's A LOT) is Cocoon- there's something rather motivating about putting this on, full blast and powering on through that pile of work

3. This came on the radio the other day, and I love it! There's such a summery vibe about it and I just think their voices are gorgeous 

4. Kiesza's voice is simply stunning and this song completely proves that! It's wonderful- an absolute must for any playlist

5. You all know my love and admiration for Beyonce. Although maybe not one of her best classics, who doesn't want a lil bit of 7/11 for a bit of motivation

6. Bit of a different direction now, but I really am loving Muse at the moment. I listened to Dead Inside a couple of weeks ago and cannot wait to see it be performed at Radio 1's Big Weekend- they're going to be awesome!

7. I love this song so much! I'm not sure if that's because my favourite presenter, Scott Mills, pointed out how much it sounds like 'I got Mills' but I think it's ace. I'm aware opinions are divided, but it makes me happy and therefore it must be good, right?!

8. I guess a similar(ish) sounding song is my next choice. Both my sister and I- who I believe has started reading my posts, so hi dude!- have both commented on how much we love this, every time that it's come on the radio. I'm aware Iggy's gone a bit mad at the moment but I kind of love her for it. She's not my favourite artist ever, but this is a rather good song!

9. Admittedly, I wasn't going to put this is because, although I have had it on an awful lot, I didn't think I'd listening to it enough for it to earn it's place. But y'know what, it has earned it's spot. It's blooming beautiful and awfully inspiring so why should it not be on a motivational playlist?!

10. Now, I know this isn't recent (in the slightest) but as you may have realized if you visit here often, I like to throw the odd curve ball song in as the final choice. This is kind of more for the video and the happiness the video brings me, but also, the song's pretty darn sweet! 

Right, I hope that helps some of you stuck in revision hell at the moment. Good luck in all your exams and I'll be back on Monday with, hopefully, a nice cheery post...

Cheerio! Xxx

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