Friday, 1 May 2015

Musical Wish List

My iTunes is such a flop at the moment! There are so many albums I want to buy but, being a poor student, I don't have the money. Instead, I quite like to endlessly scroll the iTunes store for hours, looking at all the awesome music that I can't afford. I know, I know that I could just use Spotify instead but I don't bond with it like I do other streaming sites etc.. Maybe I'll give it another try soon!
Anyway, I want to focus on some of the songs and albums I've been perusing over lately- particularly the ones I've almost clicked on before realizing I have around 5p credit...

Firstly, there's a couple of albums that aren't actually out yet, but that you can pre-order if you fancy. First of which being How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful- Florence + The Machine. I've made absolutely no secret about how much I adore every song Florence's voice is on and I have no doubt this album will be any different. I'm rather excited also because after listening to her last album whilst very ill in Spain, I can't actually listen to Lungs without *WARNING- STOP EATING/DRINKING* visioning my vomit spewing all over a white tiled floor, so it'll be lovely to have an album of her beautiful voice that doesn't bring back such vivid memories.

The other album I'm desperate to order but can't because I'm too poor is Drones- Muse. Muse are awesome- no one can deny that- and if this album is even half as good as any of their other 6, I know I will have it on repeat for months. Both of these albums are set to be released in June when, hopefully, I will have enough money to buy them both!

Albums and EPS
There's a few albums I'm also in desperate need of.. Don't judge me for not having some of these okay- I'm very young and poor and can't afford the great music taste I have!

First one, which I am almost ashamed to not own, is Sound of a Woman- Kiesza. I adore this woman so mch, not just for her incredible voice, but because she is so awesome! If you don't know much about her, I seriously suggest you listen to interviews or read up about her because I swear there isn't anything she can't do- sailing, navy training, dancing, synchronized swimming; you name it, she's mastered it! Including her album- I've streamed all the songs on the album and they're all incredible, but I just want to own the album for myself!

Ever so slight curve-ball, I DON'T OWN THE ENTIRE WICKED SOUNDTRACK. This saddens me great amounts because I feel like I'm not a proper musical theatre fan until I do. I own Defying Gravity and For Good, but that's it and I hate myself for it

Seriously shoot me for not owning this already- I have 5p guys, I can't afford this stuff! It's Take Shelter- Years and Years. Out of them all, I think I'm most ashamed about this one- mainly because I've championed them so much on this blog. How hypocritical of me 'ey? As soon as I top up my account, this will 100% be my first purchase.

Last one is in honour of my pal Lauren- she tweets a lot about a lady called Laura Doggett and I'm intrigued! She's due to have an E.P. out in 9 days called Into the Glass which I love and Lauren's admiration for her has really persuaded me to look into getting the E.P.

That is all- please do let me know your musical wish lists and I can tell you a bit about them if I own them. And if you own anything on my list, let me know your thoughts so I know which to buy first

Cheerio! Xxx

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