Friday, 29 May 2015

i don't even have a name for this playlist

I'm not going to lie to you- it's currently 9:15pm. I've been up and working since 6am, stopping just for snacks and tea. Therefore this is being written, hopefully 20 minutes before it's uploaded. Therefore, it's effectively going to be a whole load of crap I've recently been listening to, all put together in a playlist that, is so mismatched, I can't even think of a name for it. If you're one of the few who actually com here for credible music opinions, I recommend leaving now- come back next week. But for now, here are some songs I like.

Honestly, about 2 of these are "cool". But I've had about 2 free hours this week, both of which have been spent sleeping, so new music and radio have had to take a backseat. Just, if you're a new reader, bear in mind it does get better (check out the 'Music' tab for much better posts)

1. I mean, it's not the best one off the album, but it ain't half bad! <3

2. I don't think there's many people who haven't heard this now- if you are, press play! 

3. Good artist. Good album. Good song.

4. It's no '22' is it? But the video is badass as heck

5. I love these guys- and their Big Weekend set was awesome if you haven't already checked it out

6. This came on on shuffle the other day. And I had absolutely no urge to skip it

7. You all know how much I adore her, right?!

8. This is just stunning. I have nothing more to say.

9. It's just as sweet as it is short

10. Hell yeah I belt this out whilst home alone

I am sorry about the crapiness of recent posts. My exams finish 2 weeks on Monday and I have a really sweet project planned for early July so please just bear with me for a couple more weeks and I promise, we'll return to normal- just as soon as my damned Chemistry exam is finished. Thanks for sticking with me, all your support means the absolute most to me

Cheerio! Xxx


  1. You have such a great music taste. How cool and badass is Taylor Swift's Bad Blood video? I'm kind of obsessed with it at the moment. Don't work too hard and remember to take more breaks xxx

    1. thankyou so much! You're too kind <3 It's awesome right?! I quite like looking out for different people each time ^.^ I'll try not to- it's all over soon, the final few weeks are the most exhausting x x x

  2. You've got awesome songs on here :) You can't go wrong with Sia and Florence ;)