Sunday, 2 November 2014

Disney Diary- Haul

Wahey- I'm finally doing that Disney Haul I said I'd do ages ago, yay! I'm sorry it's taken so long, I couldn't get the photos over from my phone onto my laptop until yesterday and because I'd done 3 posts in 3 days, I didn't want to bombard you with blog posts to read. Anyway, after that ramble, I'll get on with it..

I was fortunate enough to be given quite a few euros by family members before going to Disney. Plus, I still had a bit of money left over from an earlier holiday to Spain, then I got a few British pounds converted also. So I had a fair amount of money to splurge on magical souvenirs (don't get me wrong, it wasn't massive amounts but enough to pick up all the Disney treats I wanted) I'll include all the prices in Euros but if you want the conversion, just ask in the comments section

Let's start with mugs because I bought 3 of these- 2 for a home and one thermos flask for drinking tea on the go. I mention lots that I drink a heck of a lot of tea so I need lots of mugs to drink my tea out of- I also knew this wouldn't be a waste of money because I do use virtually every mug I own. I picked up a Disneyland Paris one as a souvenir piece and one with Marie from The Aristocats on the front because I adore Marie and the mug is such a beautiful blue colour, it'd be a crime to not pick it up. Finally, the thermos I picked up is awesome! It fits in loads of tea but is still thin enough to just slip into my bad when necessary. The picture of Minnie on the front is awesome and oh so relatable and on the back it sais 'Mornings aren't pretty' which I love A LOT
11.99 euros
12.99 euros
9.99 euros

Shall we do stationary next? I have a love for notebooks, especially as I'm a little obsessed with making lists and being organised, so whilst away I picked up 3 notebooks- 2 lined, 1 plain. The first I picked up simply has Minnie on the front and the pages are lined; I just thought this'd be handy for college. Then, there's the black and white Mickey one which is ideal for making lists because of its size. Also, it's more of a refill pad with the Mickey Mouse cover so it's refillable when I use up all the pages. Lastly is the plain one. The theme whilst we were there (other than Halloween) was Disney Dreams which mean lots of the souvenirs had a really cool metallic shine to them which I love! I picked up a notebook and photo album (whoooo.. 10 points if you get the reference) in this print. The album even lights up!

Left- 7.99 euros  Right- 6.99 euros

Left- 9.99 euros
(on offer as I spent over 30 euros)
Right- 7.99 euros

I then chose a pack of Toy Story pens because it's my favourite Pixar film and just some other random pens to give out as gifts for a few friends- I won't show them all but there are some with a Disneyland print, some with a Buzz Lightyear print and the rest are decorated with Disney Princesses.

Top- 9.99 euros
Bottom- 2.99 euros each

A couple of bits I picked up included a bookmark because my current one needs replacing and a Stitch keyring- I have a close friend and we have a Lilo and Stitch thing which was why I chose Stitch. And because he's super cute! 

Left- 2.50 euros
Right- 4.99 euros

I got a little bit of jewelry whilst I was shopping- I picked up a Mickey necklace and a Tinkerbell ring. The necklace is something I will wear everyday (I'm wearing it now) because I like to have one piece of jewelry which is really special to me and I wear rings lots so I know I'll get really good wear out of the Tinkerbell ring.
17.99 euros
19.99 euros

The last few bits I picked up were all fabric things. I got a blanket to cover myself in during the Winter when Dad refuses to put the heating on (I currently have it over me now), a hat with Minnie ears which I wore round Disney (photos to follow in later posts) and, my most expensive buy, a big, comfy hoodie. I knew I wanted a new hoodie because their collection was amazing and although they didn't have my first choice in my size, I've ended up with one of the most cosy items of clothing I've ever owned!

19.99 euros

39.99 euros

And that is all (minus a toffee apple and chocolate coins).. I've never done a haul before but I do enjoy reading them so I thought I'd give it a go! I know my pictures aren't spot on but my resources are limited and I know almost nothing about photography but I tried. If you have any questions about anything up there ^ do let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Until tomorrow (or maybe later today as there's something 'undisney' I want to write about), I wish you a lovely day and thanks muchly for reading <3

Cheerio! Xxx

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  1. I might not be the only 'grownup' Disney-crazy person after all ;) You've got lovely things in this haul. I hope to visit Disney Paris one day. I've only been to the one in Hong Kong so far. Anyway, love your blog ;)