Thursday, 13 November 2014

How to: Winter

I'm doing a post which isn't Disney related for once! WOW, this is exciting- I feel like an actual grown up ^.^ Instead because the weather's getting cold, the evenings are so dark now and Scott Mills had played his first Christmas song on the radio, I think it's fine to accept that Winter is almost here and therefore I want to be festive and write about the winter!
There were a few different ways I wanted to do this but none of them flowed right when reading them back and I wasn't very happy with how they turned out so I've scrapped that and gone in with a 'How to' type post- because surely that can't go wrong?! Basically, I want to say some things I do in Winter and why and hope you do them too cause they are good.

First thing- drink that white hot chocolate from Costa because it's beautiful! Generally I prefer white chocolate to milk/dark as it is so I'm probably biased but the white hot chocolate is perfect! It is like tasting Christmas Eve- not quite Christmas day, that's more turkey and stuffing- but it does taste how I imagine sitting in front of a fire with a warm drink and cake watching Miracle on 34th Street tastes. I was a slight bit concerned before tasting it that it'd be too sickly and sweet and ruin white chocolate for me but not at all and it's one of the Christmas traditions I look forward to most.

NEXT, jumpers! Obviously everyone wears jumpers in winter cause it's cold and jumpers are warm but there's a difference between a jumper and a proper winter jumper (if you want another post on my over-sized collection of jumpers, do let me know). A proper winter jumper is not at all attractive, there tends to be pulled threads and tea stains but it doesn't matter because the comfort of a winter jumper outweighs its hideousness.

Another winter staple- Lush bath bombs/bubble bars. I do have a Lush Haul planned soon if you're keen and the Lush winter collection, yet again, is so perfect and festive! They do nail it every year with the scents and this year is no exception. My favourites are the ones which come back out every year (snow fairy etc.) because I get really attached to the scents and automatically associate the scents with Winter/Christmas. I love also how this year they brought out bonfire night related bars- I'm not sure if this has happened other years but it's the first year I've noticed them and they smelt amazing! 

Lastly, I find that any baking with ginger or spices in instantly makes me feel all cosy and warm inside. I'm not really a fan of ginger flavours normally because a bit overpowering but at Christmas/Winter, that changes! After baking with these ingredients, they entire house smells so nice and comforting and it excites me that soon college will finish and I can sit round eating cake and watching Christmas films all day ^.^

Thanks muchly for reading if you did- I hope your Winter is all lovely and cosy and warm <3
Cheerio! Xxx

(Regular readers- you may notice this is on a Thursday and not a Wednesday. I think I'll have to change my uploading days to a Thursday because college doesn't end until late on Wednesday's and I'm struggling to fit in sleep round college work round other commitments I have outside of college. I hope that's okay, if not let me know and we'll sort something)

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