Monday, 3 November 2014

Disney Diary- Do's and Don'ts

This'll be a shorter post today I think because yesterday's was quite chunky and I have another non-Disney thing I really want to write about. I'm going to write the post tonight and publish it tomorrow morning I think because I don't want to bombard you with too many things. Anyway, I have a few Do's and Don'ts to do (and not do) which I would like to share with you all.


  • DO wear comfy shoes- I suffered with blisters for 3 whole days, no plasters and I swear the agony was not worth the cute outfits
  • When the ropes are untied, letting you into the lands, DO just run. Even though they tell you not to, no one stops you and you do avoid a 30 minute queue
  • If you want to buy a hat, DO buy it on the first day you're there. They're a blooming large waste of money so you will want to get as much wear out of it as possible
  • If you're staying in a Disney hotel, DO make the most of the magic hours- for two hours before normal opening time you can get into 2 of the lands early which, especially for the larger rides, means the queues are so much shorter! 
  • Similarly, DO go on the younger people's rides (mainly in fantasy land) late at night when all the kids have left- we got straight onto 'its a small world' which can normally have up to an hours worth of queues.
  • DON'T be one of those people who get out the queue then try to rejoin at the point you left- if you leave, you rejoin at the back
  • DON'T stand so close to other people that it makes them feel uncomfortable- I've written about this in another Disney Diary post (The Bad Bits) so check that out if you would like
  • DON'T constantly be asking the staff if there's wifi- yes, I know we all miss the internet but you're in Disneyland for goodness sake. Just enjoy it and catch up with your twitter when you get home.
  • DON'T  feel like just because you may  be a little older, you can't enjoy the magic of Disney. I saw an older lady wearing Minnie ears and a Dumbo t-shirt and I swear that woman was my hero

Sorry it's not that great a post today, the one I'm posting tomorrow morning is something I'm really passionate so I'm still a little riled from writing that. Still, if you read, thanks very much! Please check back tomorrow because I have something rather relevant I want to say

Cheerio! Xxx

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