Thursday, 6 November 2014

Disney Diary- Au Revoir!

This is going to be my last Disney Diary post I think.. Partly because I don't want to just write Disney things- I have a whole host of other things I want to write about- but also because I've exhausted the list of Disney posts I wanted to write and therefore don't have enough material to carry this on much longer ^.^

There were a few little bits that I wanted to wrap up but, to be honest, when I started writing them, they just didn't sound right at all and they're not that important anyway. Instead, I'm going to sum up the different bits of the holiday- accommodation, parks, food etc.- and just generally ramble about a few bits which happened.

Firstly- accommodation. We stay in a Disney's Davey Crockett Ranch which are very similar to small cabins in a wood/forest. Although we payed for the smallest one- 1 bedroom between the 4 of us (2 in the bedroom, 2 on the pull out sofa), we were given a cabin with 2 bedroom AND 2 bathrooms which was awesome- especially as it completely sped up the 'getting ready' process. As I suffer with coeliac disease (and it's super expensive!) we provide our own breakfasts meaning we made full use of all the self-catering facilities in the cabin which, again, were great. I really don't have anything negative to say about the accommodation; it was better than we could have even imagined.

Next- food! Obviously for breakfast we self-catered in the cabin and for some of our lunches we took a picnic with us, however, there are 2 meals I'd like to write about. The first bad but the second good. We went out for tea (diner, evening meal, whatever you call it) to a place in the Disney village, I won't name it because I don't want to give it a bad reputation and we've had excellent service there before. But this time was absolutely awful! 3 of us got our meals on time however it took about 30 minutes for the 4th dish to be brought to us. At first, 4 meals arrived at the same time but we had to send one back as we'd ordered it without cheese and it arrived with cheese. 20 minutes later, this meal still had not arrived so we questioned our waiter. We'd have done it sooner but it was a very busy evening and sometimes it's just polite to wait. He apologized and went back to the kitchen to find out what was wrong. About 5 minutes later the manager returned to ask what it was we were missing- by this time, the other 3 of us had, uncomfortably, finished our meals to save them from going cold. We reminded the manager and 2 minutes later he returned with a burger. With cheese. The exact reason we had sent it back in the first place. He took it back, apologized and gave us the burger for free but an hour and 3 tries to get a burger with a few onions right- it's not that difficult surely?

It wasn't all bad though- we had a really lovely lunch in a restaurant-type place in Fantasy Land called 'Au Chalet de la Marionnette' and we were served in about 10 minutes during a really busy time which was a great improvement. If you want a simple (gluten free) meal, I'd really recommend there!
Last thing I want to write about it the park in general. I love Disney, it's my happy place, I'm at my best when I'm there so obviously whatever I say will be biased. But this year, it was truly amazing! There were 3 rides which I'm almost certain weren't there last time we went. I say 'almost certain' because although I'm sure they weren't there when we last went, we just sort of stumbled upon 2 rides- 'Le Pays des Contes Fees' and 'Casey Jr.'. They are a small boat cruise around shrunken down fairy tale lands and a kids runaway train respectively. If you're a fan, like myself, of fairy-tales, the small boat cruise it fascinating. It is recommended for 'little ones' but when you're interested in these lands, it's incredible. The precision and thought gone into each small model is unbelievable- Belle's sat on the fountain reading a book, Flynn is sliding down Rapunzel's hair, Eric is leaned over a balcony shouting for Ariel. It's honestly amazing and I think I could spend hours there and still not notice every little detail

That's all for the Disney posts for a while now! I've been saving up loads of posts I want to write about over the past few days but really wanted to do this Disney Diary thing because it's the closest thing to daily blogging I'll ever get.

Thanks for reading- I appreciate it so much, I honestly do
Cheerio! Xxx

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