Friday, 31 October 2014

Disney Diary- The Best Bits

After yesterday's slightly negative post, I'll try to be extra, super positive today and give you all my best bits about the trip. The haul I mentioned will happen, however I'm struggling converting images so, although that will definitely happen, it can't be today unfortunately.
Right, first good thing.. the queues were unexpectedly short! Seriously, if you are planning to book a trip to Disneyland, I really recommend going at Halloween because it was fairly quiet compared to what we thought it would be. I think the longest we waited for a ride was 40 minutes and upon entering the queue, we were told it would be an hour whereas previously, we've waited over 90 minutes for some attractions.

Next good thing, 2 lovely ride attendants told me the Minnie ears hat I bought was 'cute' and this made me insanely happy as I'd been told a few times by my sister I looked ridiculous. I feel the lovely girls who told me my hat looked cute represented what Disney is all about- acting like a child and it being 100% acceptable and I shall be sporting my Minnie hat as much as possible, throughout this winter ^.^ 
Sporting said hat..
Another awesome thing- the smell. Is this odd? Disney sort of has this awesome smell of popcorn and sweets everywhere you go but not once does it smell greasy or unhealthy. It's how the smell of popcorn is described in books and not the actual reality of that slightly buttery, over sweet, greasy smell. It's amazing and if it was released in a candle, my room would be littered in them- there'd be no need for me to have lights anymore!

I don't know what this guys name is or what his official job title is, but he was incredible! He 'warmed up' before the parade and if anyone knows where I can find him, let me know because he was one of my absolute highlights!

Final amazing thing, I didn't realize it was possible to hear the same song every single hour of every single day and not get sick of it. Disney seriously nail the Halloween songs and this year was no different. Admittedly, you can only really hear the Halloween song in Main Street but lots of time was spent there and I never got fed up of hearing it on repeat

Thanks muchly for reading <3
Hopefully, if I can sort my technology out, I'll have that haul for you tomorrow. I'm really excited about writing it because I've never done a haul before despite the fact I do enjoy reading them lots

Cheerio! Xxx

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