Sunday, 19 October 2014

Dear Scott..

I want to write a little something just to say how much of an amazing job you're doing on Strictly! Never have I smiled more than when, last week, you emerged from behind a clam, dressed as a lobster in full red faced make-up and gave 150% to the Disney Classic, Under the Sea.

Admittedly, you're maybe not the best dancer in the competition, but you are by no means the worst! The amount of effort you put into every week is insane- the hours you spend in rehearsal are ridiculous but are clearly paying off as you have improved so much since the first week, (despite what those judges say..) and your effort isn't going unnoticed

I don't think you truly understand how much us listeners are behind you- we're supporting you so much and will keep doing for as long as possible. There may not be many of us, but we're so dedicated and we will fight so hard to keep you in (we got you on the front of the Radio Times after all ^.^ )

Anyway, I'll let you get on. (not that Scott'll ever read this but it's nice to be hopeful) I hope you understand how much we're supporting you and we'll carry on doing so for as long as we can

Wishing you all the luck in the world- you'll absolutely smash next week!

Love from,
Vicky, one of your many listeners who's supporting you lots and lots #DropItLikeItsScott


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