Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Top 5 Disney Characters..

I feel like doing a fun post today because I'm feeling happy but for no reason and my childish side tends to come out in those moments. Plus, I've been a bit complain-y lately and I don't like being negative for too long. I did consider doing a rant about Alex Day (because what an idiot!) but I don't think he deserves my effort or attention- so instead I think I'll tell you my top 5 Disney human Characters...cause that's fun, right?

It's been super difficult trying to pick just 5 but I'm quite happy with my choices. I've not included Pixar characters because that'd make it even more difficult (I've also noticed most of my choices are female which is quite cool!) In no real order..:

1. Belle- As you probably already know, I'm a HUGE fan of Beauty and the Beast and Belle is one of the mean reasons for that. She's smart, kind and cares for her family, not to mention her sense of adventure and if she was a really person, I feel we'd get along swimmingly! 

2. Alice- Oh my goodness, Alice's imagination is at the level I want to reach. She's an absolute daydreamer and I relate to her rather a lot. Also, how similar are her and Belle's outfits? I feel this must mean something- I just don't know what.. ^.^

3. Peter Pan- I've never hidden how much I want to go and live in Neverland and clearly Peter Pan is the way to get there? Plus, he can teach me how to fly which'd be cool!
Peter Pan

4. Lilo- So many people prefer Stitch but I'm all about Lilo! She taught Stitch, a creature made to destroy, about family and kindness and how to not destroy everything and I think she deserves more recognition than she's given!

5. Tiana- She works so blooming hard and I respect that lots! I applaud Disney so much for Tiana- who doesn't want a strong woman to motivate them on rubbish days (Plus, how good is Almost There?!!)

I feel like that post's been really short? I'm sorry.. I do have a new playlist I want to put up later in the week and over the weekend, I think I'm going to write a post about Scott Mills on Strictly Come Dancing but that does depend on how well he does on Saturday as to when it'll go up..

Anyway, thanks for reading if you got this far- it means great amounts ^.^
Cheerio! Xxx

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