Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I don't want to make this post too long because my last one was only uploaded on Sunday (sorry about that.. I updated a few things and didn't want to clog up your feed) but the weather's making me really happy at the moment so I thought I'd write a little about that- cause I'm British, this is what we do!

I can't imagine being one of those people who are petrified of thunder and lightening. The second I hear a slight rumble from the sky, I'm outside. It's difficult to get me outside generally but not when there's, even a tiny bit, of rain. I'm not entirely sure what it is about the rain- I think it might be because it's cold and I find the heat really uncomfortable- but I just adore getting in after a long walk in the rain and sitting, freezing cold with a boiling cup of tea and spend 5 minutes just listening to the raindrops on our conservatory.

Next time you hear raindrops, please just pop on a coat and go outside for a walk. Don't worry about your hair and make-up, just try it- once. Because if you're anything like me, it will be one of the most comforting, therapeutic things you can do on an almost daily basis (if you live in England) and I've even made some of the best decisions of my life on 'rain walks'

Yeah.. that is all. This is real short but you can check my last post for super cringey letter thing or I now have a little thing on the right side of the page (>>>) where you can find my most popular posts which are probably much better- I just didn't want to leave my blog empty for a week

Thanks muchly for reading. Sending lots of love and nice wishes
Cheerio! Xxx

PS. To link to this post, I think I may do a Rainy Day playlist so look out for that sometime soon

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