Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Favourite People..

If I'm honest, the only reason I'm really writing this post is to cheer myself up- I genuinely have no other reason. I just feel a bit sad and whilst I was looking through my list of posts I want to write, this idea made me the happiest. I appreciate it's quite selfish and I'm not even 100% certain I'm going to upload it, but I need to remind myself of the people who make me smile; not the many reasons I have to be sad. 

I want to right about the people who inspire me, the people who make me smile and the people I look up. Initially I planned to write individual posts about them all but I really like the idea of having them all together in one large-ish post instead
I've not included my family and friends because I would be rambling on for ages so please don't think they're not important to me- these are just "famous" people who mean a hell of a lot

1. Mcfly
Ever since I was a little tiny child with curly, platinum blond hair, I have listened to Mcfly and they've been a huge part of me growing up. Every single member has inspired me in one way or another and I am so grateful to have had them in my life for the past 10 years. I can't truly describe how much they've helped me without getting far too personal but I wouldn't know half the things and the people I do now if it wasn't for these 4 amazing boys.

2. Beyoncé
I am aware that the entire world looks up to Beyoncé- who wouldn't?- and of course, I do too. Yes, she's beautiful, super talented and has a perfect family but what I'm inspired by the most is her hard work and dedication. She works so incredibly hard for what she wants which is why she always gets it. She doesn't sit back and let everyone do the work for her- she strives for perfection and doesn't give up until she reaches it. We can see that from Life is but a Dream. She's an absolute queen and even if you're not a fan (do these people exist?), you can't deny that she's practically perfect.

3. Carrie Hope Fletcher (
Carrie is basically the main reason I smile. I found her YouTube videos during a rather poopy time and however cliche it is, she helped me out of one of the worst experiences of my life. It's from her that I've learnt about kindness and politeness and without her help, I don't think I'd be quite as happy as I am nowadays. I like to think one of my best qualities is my kindness, a quality I've only recently discovered, and this kindness I've definitely inherited from her. Carrie deserves every single success she gets and I couldn't ask for a better honorary big sister

4. Scott Mills and Chris Stark
No one in the world can make me laugh more than this pair. The 40 minute podcast of their show I hear every day is quite often the best 40 minutes of my day and I will never bore of hearing Chris spit water on unprepared celebrities twice weekly. Having been a loyal listener of Scott's for more years than I can even remember, Chris is honestly one of the best people who has ever worked on the show and I hope he stays on the show until it ends- which, had better not be for a long while! Although I know it's highly unlikely to happen, I really hope to meet them in the future to thank them for making me happy but until then, I hope this little paragraph is enough ^.^

There is a serious lack of pictures of just Scott and Chris together so this will have to do..

Do let me know who makes you super happy so I can check them out and become unhealthily obsessed..
Thanks for reading this far, I love you lots and send hugs your way

Cheerio! Xxx

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  1. Great choices! I would say Carrie is my main inspiration, she's achieved so much and her smile is contagious :)