Thursday, 17 July 2014

Growing Up

Urmmh, so this is late..
I've very sorry I didn't post last night. I've had a stupidly busy week, which I know is no excuse, but I only got round to writing it at 10pm at which point, I didn't think anyone would be awake to read. Again, I'm very sorry and hope it was worth waiting for...

I have a very Peter Pan mind set to growing up. I don't want to. I want to stay a child forever and dress up like princesses because adults are mean and stupid. Unfortunately, I don't have enough Pixie Dust to fly me to Neverland where I can stay young forever and so my birthday's still happen, and did happen this week.
It was my 17th birthday on Friday which was a lovely few days and all and I had a great time but I don't like being 17. With my birthday being in July, most of my friends had their birthdays ages ago. All of them however, failed to tell me that the second I turned 17, I would all of a sudden have so many more responsibilities than the day before. I'm not sure if it's just me but since Friday, I feel like, if there's ironing to be done, now I have to do it. If the phone rings, I'm obliged to answer it.

The worst bit is driving. I had my first lesson on my birthday and the thought of another this Friday actually sickens me. I'm so bad it's unreal. I kind of had this idea in my head that it'd all really sophisticated and I'd look like a really 'together' kind of grown woman. The awful reality however is just fear, stalling and embarrassing amounts of sweat. I swear I'm going to need a miracle to pass my test and even then I'm convinced I should avoid roads during busy hours. 

So yeah, that's all I have to say really. I have a migraine cause I've been driving in the sun and now I'm staring at a computer screen.
Next week I want to try maybe launching a cute little project (speaking of which, if you're a blogging/technologically minded genius, please get in touch!)
Thanks muchly for reading- I love you dearly if you got this far.

Cheerio! Xxx

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