Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Self Confidence

I feel very uncomfortable and completely out of my depth writing about this but it is something I feel extremely strongly about and maybe my opinion will have some form of impact on someone who reads this?

Before we properly begin this discussion, I need you to understand that this is in no way me 'attention seeking', 'looking for compliments' or 'trying to start an argument'. It is just my view on something I think is so relevant and important nowadays..

I'm particularly going to focus on confidence surrounding your looks and body as this is what I am most passionate about. However, if you have comments about other aspects of confidence, please do let me know either in the comments or here

I feel like you're not allowed to voice issues with your confidence aloud, without people ranting at you how 'everyone is beautiful' and 'there's no such thing as ugly' when in reality, that's not the case. When I wake up in the morning, hair unbrushed, spots exposed, face unwashed, that is not beautiful. Before cleansing, applying makeup and fixing my hair, I do not feel beautiful and no amount of people telling me otherwise is going to make me feel any different. That's just the truth. I know I look unattractive, I don't feel pretty and I'm certain others agree that I don't look particularly great. However, if I point out that I look utterly crap I'm suddenly showered with comments telling me to 'not be stupid' and 'you look lovely' which we both know is not true. I just don't understand why people feel they need to lie to make me feel better when in actual fact, it makes me feel so much worse. They are the same compliments I receive when I'm having a day that I've made an effort to look okay and so it just cheapens them and they become worthless.
Beautiful shouldn't be used on a daily basis because it completely looses its meaning and is no longer special.

I don't understand why we need to reassure people they look lovely when it's obvious they don't. It's perfectly fine to not look like Beyonce everyday of your life and if you don't look perfect, why the hell should that matter? 

I don't really know how to expand from here because I have no counter arguments to respond to.. I'd be interested to hear your opinions though because I've never agreed with the entire 'everyone is beautiful' thing because I just don't believe it's true. I know I'm not beautiful but that's okay because I don't rely on my looks and I like to think there are aspects more important about me other that just my shitty face.

Thanks muchly for reading this far if you did- you are great!
Cheerio! Xxx


  1. I think everyone has an aspect of beauty in them whether it's their personality, appearance, talents etc. but not that everyone is beautiful 24/7. Everyone is fine, even great, the way they are (as far as looks go) :)

    1. yes, I agree that everything has aspects of beauty but not that everything is 'beautiful'- if that makes sense :)