Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Emojis I wish existed

I'm a huge fan of an emoji.. if lots of the people who read this weren't Android users, my posts would be full of them. There are however, a few I wish existed- especially as some we currently have are completely useless (like who really uses the blue square- anyone?)

This idea is completely NOT my own by the way- I got it from Hazel Hayes who I believe saw it on Tyler's channel. I'm also not going to list 20 because I think it's a little excessive, but we'll go for 10 and if it's popular, I can always write a Part 2 in the future.

1. I really want an emoji which says, 'I'm just going to make a cup of tea, I will be back soon
I drink LOTS of tea- like more than the average Brit- and therefore spend lots of time next to the kettle. Unfortunately, our kitchen is too far away from the WiFi to get a good connection so I don't take my phone with me when I make tea. The kitchen is also a place FULL of distractions e.g. food, letters and cake so I'm normally gone for about 10-15 minutes which, when having a conversation, I imagine is very annoying. An emoji here, perhaps a little person pouring from a teapot/waiting by a kettle would be appropriate?

2. I want a giraffe- cause to be honest, I just really like giraffes and feel they should be represented by an emoji 

3. I want an emoji which is widely recognized as fangirling. There's the face with heart eyes and the crying face and multiple tongue sticking out ones but I don't feel there's any which are that strong a combination of all three to really portray exactly how I feel when I see a new picture of Harry Judd

4. There's no Disney emoji right? We need one of those

5. A vomiting emoji. Why doesn't this exist? Everyone throws up right and therefore we need an emoji to signify this

6. There's not a cheese emoji and I don't understand why this isn't a thing. I don't think there's anyone who doesn't like cheese so there should be an emoji to represent one of the best foods. If a loaf of bread is special enough then cheese should be too

7. "I've just dropped my phone on my face" emoji please. I need people to know that if my replies to their messages are a little unusual, it's because I'm still slightly dazed after being smacked in the face by a phone weighing the equivalent of a pile of bricks.

8. A bunch of balloons. The single red balloon looks lonely and just a bit pathetic. I want a massive bunch of 'em, think Up. In a variety of colours too- like enough to carry a small child if there was a strong gust of wind. 

9. I'm pretty sure Tyler mentioned this in his video but there has to be a Beyonce emoji- she's ruled pop since forever, is worth millions and has one of the most beautiful daughters in the world. Surely the icing on the million pound cake would be having a emoji based on her. 

10. Similar to the first one, I want a variety of hot drinks. After recent disputes about the generic 'hot beverage' emoji, I feel we all could benefit from maybe a tea emoji, coffee emoji, hot chocolate emoji etc. all separately instead of a generic 'hot beverage' 

This was a bit more rambly that normal- but I kind of like it ^.^
If you think of any that you would like that I have missed, comment down below..

If you read this far, I love you muchly and hope you're having a lovely day
Cheerio! Xxx

(my email is currently inactive but I'll continue replying as soon as I can)

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