Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

I have a new favourite book. And I want to tell you about it because oh my goodness, it's so good!

I don't have lots of spare time, with college and many other commitments, so it takes me a LONG time to finish books- I recently read One Day by David Nicholls and it took me about 5 months to finish. The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom however, I finished in 4 days. Admittedly, it is a much smaller book, but I was just hooked! I actually lost sleep from this book because I would stay up and extra hour to finish a few more chapters.

It's a proper 'feel good' book.. Let me explain.
Sometimes (and this may get a but ranty and philosophical), I feel a bit like a single crumb making up an entire loaf of bread and if I wasn't there, the other crumbs would still all be fine. After reading this book, I no longer feel that way so much. It changed me from a little crumb to a little crumb holding lots of other crumbs together and a crumb that maybe effects other little self doubting crumbs which I like better than the thought of a lonely crumb.

Yeah, so back to the book. There's an elderly man, called Eddie, who used to be a soldier- he hurt his leg and now works at the fairground his father used to work at. Long story short (don't worry, this isn't a spoiler- it says it in the blurb), Eddie gets fatally injured, trying to save a young girl in a ride accident and is taken to heaven. Here he meets 5 people who's life he has effected or who have effected his life and all the lone jigsaw pieces of his life are slowly joined together.

It's a really sweet story and I especially recommend it if you're maybe feeling a bit lost and need something to try and make sense of everything. 
If you can recommend any similar books to me PLEASE do because I will buy them, read them and possibly review them

As always, if you made it this far down, I love you lots and hope you're having a wonderful day
Cheerio! Xxx


  1. Great review honey, I don't usually like reviews but I really enjoyed this one :) I recently read a book called " Breaking Butterflies" which is absolutely amazing, I spoke about it in my July Favourites post which you can find here :

    1. Thankyou! I've been away so only just seen this but thank you so much ^.^ I need to catch up on so many of your posts so I can't wait to read about it (and most probably buy it)