Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I want to start a little project.. I'm quite unsure how long it'll last but music is a big passion of mine (listening to, not playing) and I'd love to share my music taste on this blog somehow- especially because it varies a lot. What I was thinking was, there'll be a new tab at the top called Music or Playlists or something similar and every week I'll post a new playlist that I've been loving for a particular occasion. Keen?
For example: If I've recently bought lots of music that's amazing for exercise, I'll make a gym playlist. Or if some songs are just amazing for when you've just woken up, I shall post them. I personally get lots of my inspiration from what other people recommend and maybe I could be that person to others? I'm not entirely sure if this is making much sense but basically:

1. There will be a new page next to 'Contact' called 'Playlists'
2. On this page, there will be lots of playlists of songs that are perfect for certain situations
3. There'll be a mix of all different genres and artists (although because it's what I've been listening to, expect lots of Mcfly, Beyonce and Destiny's Child

I just think it'd be quite a cool way of me sharing my music tastes without just writing a big long post. 

If, as the page builds, you think there's maybe a band/artist you think I'll really love, please do contact me so I can check them out- I'm hoping to *fingers crossed* get my very own radio show on a community station after Christmas so if I could build up my music collection before then, that would be great.

Thanks for reading- I'm super excited to get this started cause I've never actually seen it done even though it's super simple but also, I hope, rather interesting ^.^

Cheerio! Xxx

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