Friday, 20 March 2015

Pas de Deux

Today's post was supposed to be about underrated album tracks but, after hearing Dodie Clark's original song "Pas de Deux", I couldn't not write about it!

Since hearing 'Absolutely Smitten' by Dodie, I've been absolutely obsessed with her YouTube channel- doddleoddle Not only is her voice insanely beautiful, she writes her own, blooming beautiful, songs! The one I wanted to talk about today is her most recent upload (at the time I'm writing this), called "Pas de Deux"

Of course it's as sweet and twinkly as one would expect from a doddleoddle video, but the story to this song is so relevant, gritty and raw that it would be impossible to not dedicate Friday's music post to this absolute gem of a song! I'm hard-faced as heck when it comes to songs- it's very rare that I'll actually cry at music, but after hearing "Pas de Deux", even I felt insanely emotional.


Do yourself a massive favour, sit down for 6 minute and just listen. At the end of the video, Dodie will tell you about a website you can visit if you're affected by any of the issues mentioned in the song and after reading some of your blogs, I really hope you find them useful

I'm going to leave the playlist of her original songs from her YouTube below which I can't recommend enough that you go check out- I guarantee that your ears will love you a lot afterwards ^.^

Cheerio! Xxx


  1. I absolutely love Dodie, shes so amazing and just the sweetest person ever xxx

    1. yesss, she's so talented- I adore her! ^.^ xxx

  2. I've just recently discovered Dodie and I love her, loved this song too! xx

  3. Cool I"ll check her out!
    Peace xo