Friday, 6 March 2015

Thanks Zane

Last night was a very sad night. One of my biggest radio inspirations and the person who's show calms me down after a tough day, left Radio 1 after 12 years. Known for his passion for music, iconic interviews and talent in discovering new music, Zane Lowe's been a hero of mine for as long as I can remember and it was so tough to see him finally go.Generally, I'll listen to his show whilst doing work or cleaning etc. It's very rare that I'll sit down, with just the radio on and actually listen. Last night was different. I think every 'Zane Lowe fan' from around the world was well and truly 'On Board' for, quite frankly, the end of a bloody good era. Zane said himself that the show was to be about the music and nothing more- there wasn't to be a massive fuss about him (although Twitter pictures showed a rather large crowd ^.^), there wasn't to be fireworks and tears and a huge grand gesture to say goodbye. It was all about the music, just as his show has always been.

I could go on about how wonderful and great Zane is, and I could tell you all about how he's inspired me and why I see him as such a great person. But my words won't give him the credit he deserves. Instead, I'm going to, in true Zane style, leave it all about the music and link you to some of his greatest moments on him show.

If you listen to just one thing, please make it the last 30 minutes of his final show. (I'm almost certain you can listen worldwide as I'm aware you're not all UK based) Even just the last 15 minutes. I just want every single one of you to hear him doing what he does best- Zane's Last Show

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