Friday, 12 June 2015

How Did We End Up Here?!

10th June 2015- a few hours after the most horrific exam of my life, and filled with mild panic because my Dad was still stuck in traffic in my car, my sister and I bundled ourselves into Mum's car. Covered in incomplete make-up, possible odd shoes and a leather jacket, despite it being 900 degrees outside, we reversed roughly 3 metres out the drive, before Dad rolled round the corner in the car I'm insured to drive. Back up the drive we went, quick change of car- and we were off!
5 Seconds of Summer were performing in Liverpool and, being rather big fans of the boys, Liz and I had been excited for months. The last time we saw them was when they supported One Direction- which isn't the most accurate representation of my music taste- a few years ago, but this time it just felt a bit more fancy because I could actually drive us there (which means we're grownups) ^.^

After queuing outside in insane sun, which my outfit certainly didn't accommodate, we were waved into the arena, picked up drinks and snacks, and found our places. We didn't expect wonderful seats but they actually weren't bad at all! Think of those seats which are lower tier, but when Amnesia comes on, you can still see all the waving lights- those seats. We got even luckier when 2 seats in our row remained empty, so we had even more room to "Rock Out With [Our] Socks Out"

The show was brilliant. Wonderfully put together, staging was awesome and all the effects, videos etc. were brilliant. Not to mention how insane the atmosphere was there- I've been to more than my fair share of concerts but the audience on Wednesday was possibly the best I've ever experienced, if not the best, definitely in the Top 3. And that was even before the lads came on stage. Being a massive music nerd, I'm always so into the music they play round the arena, even before the support act come on (who were also awesome! I've seem a fair few people saying they really weren't keen, but I thought they were rather wonderful) Anyway, I'm obsessed with these pre-show playlists and, I really want to know who complies them. Is there just one person who makes them all? Or do the artists and their team work on them? Because I want that job. More specifically, I want that job on 5SOS' tour team because that music was fecking great.

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Their set, was incredible. I already loved their music, but the show made me fall in love with them as a band. I swear, when Michael Clifford turned to our side, and said the words "You're all mine", parts of me fluttered, that I didn't even know could flutter. 

I sang along to songs that, I'm not even sure I've ever known the words to before. And I danced harder than I've even danced before- I had a stitch by Heartbreak Girl!

Their personalities shone through on stage more that I could have ever imagined and I wouldn't hesitate to book more and more tickets to all their future shows because that is an experience I want to live again and again until I'm old and grey (and probably death from all the concerts)

Cheerio! Xxx


  1. They're such an incredible band and really know how to perform live. Its so exciting that you could even drive there wow! And a job on the 5SOS tour team sounds like it would be endless fun and pure banter. It looks like you had a great time xxx

    1. They were awesome! Didn't expect more than a bit of fun and a night off, but they were ace. Had such a lovely time <3

  2. sounds like a good band :D thanks for sharing :)

    great post again :D

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  3. looking a great bank with a huge bunches of listeners

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  5. You are so lucky, I want to go so baddddddddddddddddddddd