Friday, 19 June 2015

A Chat With... The Half Eight

There are so many bands working their way up to success nowadays, it's difficult to find something exciting and original. However it does mean that, when you do find that one that stands out, it's even more special. Introducing, The Half Eight

The perfect combination of pop and rock, combined with creative songwriting and such high energy, they radiate positivity and upbeat summer vibes (even in dull Britain!) Their recent cover of Shut Up and Dance truly showcases what they are about and it is working it way up mine, and many others, favourite ever covers! As soon as I heard it, I knew I had to mention it in the Friday music post.

I managed to bag a little interview with the guys:

  • Introduce yourselves in 5 words
"Explosive, energetic, fun pop/rock band"
  • How did you come up with your name? And what would you have been called if you hadn’t chosen The Half Eight?
"It’s how many days it took to come up with name.. work that one out for yourself :) "
  • What’s been your favourite gig that you’ve performed at? Which is the best you’ve been in the crowd watching?
"Rock City - Nottingham. James’ favourite gig that he went to was when he saw Arctic Monkeys & Eminem at V festival"
  • What motivates you when you’re having ‘a bit of an off day’?
"We have great fans and they never fail to keep us motivated in what we are doing!"
  • Who’s the coolest person you’ve met since being in a band?
"We’ve met loads of people being in the music industry but probably Ewan McGregor"
  • Other than music, what interests you? What are your other passions?
"We don’t have time to enjoy anything else so its a good job we are very passionate about the music"
  • If you could adopt another member from a different band, who would it be?
"Michael Jackson as a backing singer"

I really do recommend checking their stuff out. Whether you prefer covers or original songs, there's something for everyone and I have no doubt you will fall deeply in love with their music in an instant: 


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  1. Wow great post !!
    your blog is gawjus !!

    would mean so much to if you commented your thoughts on my new video


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  2. OMG I love this new series so much. This band seems so great and I'm checking them out right now. Great post xxx

    1. thank you Izzy! That really does mean so much <3

  3. I love this series! You've already introduced me to a new band and that makes me so happy , thank you so much for starting this Vicky :)

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

    1. Ah I am glad you like it! Hopefully more favourites in the future, ey? x