Monday, 23 February 2015

Should We Talk About Sex?

After the release of 50 Shades Of Grey, there has obviously been lots of reviews and discussions about it. A very common theme among these reviews is a list of disclaimers, warning the reader that the word 'sex' might be mentioned *gasp* Although I don't agree at all with the abuse shown in the film (not BDSM, but the lack of consent), I don't think that making sex a 'taboo' topic is necessarily helping promote a healthy discussion, and I wish to discuss this if you feel comfortable enough doing so..
Carrie Hope Fletcher, a woman I adore and respect massively, recently made a YouTube video about sexual health and which encourages her viewers, to go and get checked. Although chances are there won't be anything wrong, it's better to be safe than sorry, right?

I think Carrie tackles the topic so well and maturely and she deserves so much credit for being so comfortable with something so many are too scared to talk about.

I always read the comments on Carrie's videos because, not only are the hopefuls some of the most wonderful people in the world, but because she often replies to comments asking for advice and, as a big sister myself, I like to learn from the way she answers questions in case my sibling ever needs advice from me. I was so happy reading the comments in this video, even more than normal, because so many people were so willing to talk about sex, and their experiences- both of how to say 'no' and how to tell if your partner is ready. Consent is so important with any sexual experience and the fact Carrie was willing to talk about it meant that most of her half a million subscribers also felt comfortable sharing their stories and concerns.

Talking about sex doesn't necessarily involve going into details about all the bits and bobs involved. It doesn't have to involve everyone sharing their own individual experiences. But it does involve discussing what is safe, what you/your partner want and at what stage you feel uncomfortable going any further. Because 'sex' as a whole is seen as an awkward topic, it means important issues like this are ignored and that needs to stop.

If you feel uncomfortable or unhappy about anything, talk to someone- a friend, maybe a close family member, or if you have no one you feel you can talk to, my email address is in the contact section of this blog. The more we talk, the less uncomfortable it becomes- not only does sex become less of a taboo subject, but it makes it easier for victims of sexual harassment and abuse to come forward. And really, that's what's more important in all of this.

Thanks for reading- I know this is more of a serious post than normal but I'm so passionate about it and genuinely believe that talking can help a lot if others are willing to listen...

Cheerio! Xxx


  1. I love this post! I reviewed 50 Shades of grey and did warn that I would mention sex. It kind of annoys me that I had to do that, and I fully agree that we should talk about it more. Amazing post xx
    Lou - Fellow hopeful x

    1. I read your post and thought you handled the topic really well- you were willing to talk about it but obviously gave a warning in case of younger people reading etc.. Thank you for the support! <3

  2. This is the first I've heard of Carrie. D: I'm going to check out her videos after this. Anyway, about 50 Shades of Grey, I'm not really a fan of it not just because of the abusive relationship thing but also because it has a lot of bad reviews from the audience and some of its readers. :/

    That doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about sex though, especially if we want to teach younger people about it. There are even researches stating that states and countries that teach proper sex ed instead of abstinence has less teen pregnancy rates. :)

    Roxanne ♥ | Awkward Turtle

    1. Carrie's awesome- you should definitely check out her videos because she's so talented! <3

  3. I think a lot of issues are caused by people not being properly educated on sex as it's so taboo to talk about. Which is dumb.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination