Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Is this a 'favourites' post?

I shouldn't be sat in bed, practically holding my eyelids open at 11:30pm on a Wednesday night, but here we are. If I'd thought ahead, I should have had emergency posts planned for days when I am super busy and genuinely don't have time to write blog posts. But I'm not that forward thinking, so here we are.. hi everyone!

I want to write today, about a few little things, which haven't necessarily been things I've 'loved' the past few weeks, but things which have been present in my life and, I guess, worth mentioning- hence the title, they're not 'favourites' but more like 'things' (And 'things' isn't that great a title really, is it?)

First of all, thank you to DontBurstMyBubble for tagging my in the 'Liebster Award's! You can find her post on it here (I really recommend checking out her blog!) and I promise I'll be doing that post on either Friday or Sunday- it's a super busy week, I can't commit to one day..

Next- I need a massive favour please? If you're British, you'll have heard of Strictly Come Dancing (I hope!) Anyway, one of my favourite people ever is on it this year and Radio Times are having a vote for the celebrity on the front cover- is there anyway, if you're reading this, you could give Scott Mills a cheeky little vote please? It'd mean the absolute world to me- and probably to Scott too- so if you can (you don't have to be British), please drop him a vote or two, HERE

Another random thing I want to mention, BOWS! I've always liked ribbons and hair things that make you feel all princess-y and pretty but 'pre-bowed' bows are new to me. They're so handy when, and it doesn't happen often, but for when my hair is maybe a little but too mucky and needs a wash but I don't have time. Admittedly, with some of the hairstyles I wear, they make me look mental but I'd rather be mental than mucky!

Other great thing- one of my little cousins has started talking quite well now (she's about 18 months old, an nonidentical twin) I'm not sure if this is completely wrong or just hilarious but my new favourite thing is getting her to say words that aren't at all swearing, but that she doesn't understand because her baby voice, combined with my immaturity, is just a recipe for laughter e.g. 'booby' and 'poop' ^.^

Two snacks I've been loving lately- fruit pieces coated in yogurt. I never thought I'd be one of those people but now I am. It tastes nice and is healthy- what's not to like! Secondly, peanut brittle. Never even heard of it until about a month ago and now I think I could live off it. Caramel and nuts, what's not to like!

I think that's all the random things I have for now- it was all a bit of a mess really but I couldn't leave my blog without a post! I hope you enjoyed anyway- keep an eye open for that tag on either Friday or Sunday too because it's the first thing I've ever been tagged in which is awesome!
Anyway, thanks for reading. Lots of love
Cheerio! Xxx

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