Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dear Sam Pepper...

Before you read this, I just want to say that I wrote this before the accusations of not just harassment, but assault, abuse and rape came out. Therefore it may not be as respectful to victims as it should be but I do still believe Sam Pepper is scum and should not be allowed with at least a 1 mile radius of any living organism.

Admit it, you've messed up big time. The decent thing to do now would be to recognize that mistake, apologize and try to explain. Instead what we got was some condescending tweet about how people don't have to apologize to you, a pathetic attempt at an excuse and an internet outrage. 

What I personally believe to have happened is you thought this would be a funny prank, people didn't react how you expected and so your management forced you to make a video apologizing. However, for fairness sake, I'm willing to pretend that this wasn't the case and all the videos were planned and the reaction was completely anticipated. Now that has been established, I would like to give you all the reasons why I think you went about it the complete wrong way.

First point I want to make is do you really think all the people who saw the first two videos are going to see the third video? Imagine, a young child, randomly searching YouTube who happens to stumble across one of the first two videos. He watches it but isn't a subscriber and therefore never sees the reveal video. All that child has learnt is that behavior is acceptable. Instead of raising awareness to help those who've been effected, you've just created another sexual harasser. Well done mate, great job

Next, who do you think you are to comment about sexual harassment when you have uploaded YouTube videos entitled, 'How to get a Girlfriend EASY', 'How to Pick Up Girls with a Lasso' and 'How to Make Out with Strangers'. In all of these videos, whether you have hired actors/actresses (which I highly doubt) or not, you still give off the impression that you are sexually harassing people as they are not giving you their consent. Therefore, you yourself are a sexual harasser and your entire trilogy is hypocritical. 
(I would like to also add in here about the people you have sexually harassed off camera but I don't feel I can represent them in a way which truly reflects their experiences)

I think I've see others say something similar to this but you cannot prove how wrong sexual harassment is by sexually harassing people. Would you show how wrong murder is by killing someone? Or how wrong abuse is by beating someone up? You see my point?

One if your excuses was, would your video have gotten as much publicity if you would have gone about it in a more sensible way? You know what, probably not. But instead of millions of angry viewers who come away from the video thinking you're an absolute idiot, maybe you would have had a few hundred thousand viewers who actually listened to what you had to say and who would have therefore been much more willing to help and support the cause you were promoting.

I hope you can see why so many people are angered by your stupid actions.
Yours sincerely,
Victoria Wright

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